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  1. The Hawaii Theater is more of a performance venue than a movie theater these days. But it is a great place to see and hear talented musicians on stage. Eden Kai all but sets the 'Ukulele strings on fire in this instrumental.;)
  2. Breaking up is STILL hard to do, even in the 21st century. Ben & Maila sing a song guaranteed NOT to be on their "wedding singers" playlist. Ben does a powerhouse version of Gotye's breakup song.;)
  3. Here's something to take the edge off your manic Mondays. With storms on the horizon, take a breath and sing this to your significant other. It will make the day of putting up storm shutters and packing for "evacuation from low-lying areas" go faster/smoother.;) Ernie Cruz Jr. & Imua Garza introduce "Let's Go" (HI Sessions Live)
  4. The Peter Moon Band's title track to their "Cane Fire!" album was a radio favorite for months back in 1982, and cleaned up at Na Hoku Hanohano awards the next year. Without percussion or drums, this trio brings back the days when local Marijuana growers would hide their cash crop from prying eyes and sugar plantation operations. "Gotta save those 'children."!
  5. Here's a 1930's Charles E. King composition, which is all about cuddling.;) "Cuddle up closer" from Huapala
  6. Something for the sodden South. A song of encouragement and hope. Another song about Rain...
  7. August is nearly over and some Hawaii schools are either in session or about to "open the oven" in late Summer. (Aren't you glad that your school system waits until September to "hit the books"?) Here's a back to school song for frazzled parents searching for "the tools of Education," the required materials that must be found before first bell. It's a "hot August night" locally, just right to go "dancing in the moonlight.";)
  8. Lily Meola can do Hip Hop/Rap, but can she sing? But of course. Even though the rest of the week's weather forecast is for "Hot Summer days, (mostly) clear skies and trade winds, the Blues can appear at any time.
  9. Are there Rappers in the Hawaii music scene? But of course, but they may be "doing poetry" in a Pacific island language. Fortunately, this "who are you boy?" Rap is in English, done by someone who should be singing Sweet instead of Salty.;)
  10. This recent version of 'Opihi Moe Moe is a barn burner. How different is it from the original? George Kuo's classic Slack Key version... The original version, by composer Leonard Kwan
  11. Hawaii's "Local Music" takes many forms...
  12. In 2015, HI Sessions gathered the members of "Pure Heart" for a reunion session. This past Thursday, May 4th, their set was rebroadcast, which took me back to just before Y2K. Jon Yamasato (Guitar and Vocals), Lopaka Colon (Percussion and bird calls), Jake Shimabukuro ('Ukulele) teamed up in 1998 and took local music by storm with their group name CD. This was followed by "Pure Heart 2," then they took different musical paths; Jon Yamasato to real estate and HI Sessions, Lopaka Colon to other musical groups, and Jake Shimabukuro to the world stage with blazing 'Ukulele instrumentals. Submitted
  13. Another "song wthout words" from Hi Sessions.;)
  14. A faster, but soulful cover of Tracy Chapman's first hit song. Tracy Chapman Live in 1989
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