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Found 6 results

  1. Our Canadian Chinese movie commentator put up a poll and guess what won. Press PLAY if you want to know what a Meme in Chinese language movies look like. Would you believe that you can kill an enemy with an insult? Swearing in Taiwan Chinese is...smoother? Chinese SmartPhone art is something else...;)
  2. Disney's "Steamboat Willie" has spawned a number of interesting "variations on a theme." However, this pales in comparison to the days when IP copyrights were frequently ignored, resulting in unique local takes on pirated characters. Press PLAY to find out about "Turkish Star Wars," "Filipino Batman," and other Asian takes on Hollywood and Tokyo...
  3. Over the past 5 years, this YouTube movie/TV viewer has "traveled the world" through video. From "Citizen Kane" (1941) to "Star Wars" (1977) to the movies of the MCU/DCU, what movies stand out as guideposts for various genres/cultures/countries? Press PLAY if English subtitles don't scare/bore you, and discover The World.;)
  4. Ezra Miller has been become a publicist's and movie studio nightmare. Picking fights in public, burglary, suspected kidnapping, a cult leader are some of the reported exploits that make the reel hero, "The Flash" a "Hollywood nutjob." Is Jackie Chan "that bad guy," too? Accented Cinema takes a look at a movie made by a one time associate of jack Chan that raises three interesting questions about "Mr. I Do All Of My Own Stunts." Sic transit gloria, y'all.;) Press PLAY if you dare...
  5. How does this just-after-the-turn-of-the-century look like to an Asian Canadian? Press PLAY to continue. (Spoliers abound!)
  6. Submited for your curiosity, a video essay from a former videographer and perceptive observer of Asian cinema. In a nutshell, look for "Shutter" (2004), "Pee Mak" (2013), and "The Promise" (2017). And now, take a look at a film reviewer who had something significant to say about Disney's "Mulan." "Mulan" (2020)
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