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Found 3 results

  1. And now for something completely different. I started off looking for Dirge music. got depressed, found Gonoud's "Funeral March of a Marionette." then on to Harry Chapin's "Circle" from "Greatest Stories Live," and came across this unknown-to-me instrumental. Here's something to start off your weekend,even if you hate cats...
  2. Submitted for your approval, Philips' VCR and Video 2000 systems that took on Beta and VHS in Europe. Once again, "Techmoan" presents an obscure/unsung technology. Philips aimed for the PAL system video European market, while Sony and Matsushita aimed at the world. So, did the superior video format lose to the VHS mass market giant, or was this doomed by the parochial aim of the manufacturer?
  3. Space junk in Near Earth Orbit threatens to make space exploration a trip through a shooting gallery for generations. What to do? This 1979 TV series suggested that moon mission "debris/junk" was up for grabs for anyone who could get there and bring it back for sale to the highest bidder. You don't have to go to the moon to salvage high tech scrap. Imagine what Ronco could do with a ton of plastic acrylic and a mountain of space junk. Imagine thousands of paper weights and "arty conversation pieces" made from sealed-in-clear-plastic "souvenirs of the Space Race." Who needs "space tourism" when "Space Archeology" beckons? ("Hi, I'm Mike Wolfe and he's Frank Fritz; we're 'Space Pickers.";)
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