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Found 3 results

  1. Submitted for your amazement, "Techmoan" embarks on an epic mechanical repair odyssey! In 1970, Philips turned an otherwise ho-hum, top loading Compact Cassette deck into a unique multiple cassette player/changer. (Think LP changer.) If you dare to follow "Techmoan" into the Repair sequence, you will see a Rube-Goldberg-worthy complex mechanism that plays and records cassette tapes, and changes them. Will Matt get this mechanical marvel working? Proceed at your own risk!;) GPO Portable Boombox This"Techmoan" video was to have run last week, but, upon seeing news of the passing of "UncleJoe," I set it aside for a week to allow a proper Wake. So, do you think this "Retro-style" thing is worth the Euros or should be avoided as "Chinese Junk"? Dive in as Matt investigates this curious piece of modern tech.
  2. Over at Facebook, I saw a Songfacts story about the Kent State shootings which led Neil Young to compose "Ohio." The song was a grim hit back then, and has become a classic for Political Rock scholars. About the same time, Steve Miller composed a song about the Kent and Jackson State shootings, which occurred the same year, though the latter has been forgotten. Submitted for your cogitation, a 1972 Radio Bremen look at the song and the composer. I bought the LP that this song appears on, and a "Danny the Red" student criticized it for muffled lyrics, obscuring the Revolutionary theme. Belated happy May Day greetings to The Workers of the World as Der Furore is half way to repealing the Affordable Care Act, which will impact a number of his supporters. Oh well, life goes on...if you can afford it. A live (and unmuffled) 1972 version...
  3. Otokichi


    In 1970, "Big Brother" was the name of a band to most Rockers, and the idea that The Government might not have your best interests at heart was foreign to many. Randy California found Newspeak creeping into the light and penned this warning. (Who is this "David Bowie" anyway?;)
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