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  1. Sorry - This song was from the mid 80's a funky type of song a guy was like rappin/singing.
  2. I need to know the title/artist of this song "You got the key remote control - I'll be your slave mind body and soul" and in the back its sings energize me!
  3. I am trying to find the title and artist to a song from the late 60's early 70's which I believe to be called "Bring Back the good times" I think the first few words are "Just to live again" the chorus is something like "Why dont they bring back the good times" Any suggestions???
  4. I am trying to find out the title/artist of a song which I often hear on RAW (WwE) the song comes on as a theme to previews of matches where the wrestlers who are about to wrestle have still photos of themselves next their competitors and the match is being talked about. Sorry for the crazy explanation but this is the only way that I can try to find out.
  5. I am trying to find out the artist/title of this song. I was in the early to mid 80s dance song. Some of the lyrics are: I am just a working girl tryin to stay ahead, come on let me into your world. Im a girl in love with you what am i supposed to do, tell me that you love me too. I know it will be alright, I know it will be tonight. One way, one way one way love affair.
  6. Yes, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. } }
  7. I am desperately trying to find the introduction lyrics to the song Day by Day sung by Colleen Hewitt in the Aussie stageplay of Godspell. I know the song its just the start ........ the way of my lord. Hope someone knows.
  8. Who recorded the disco track called "Get Up Action" its driving me crazy
  9. I will try this again I think its called "Take a Chance on Me" NOT THE ABBA SONG it was a disco track in the 80's mid 80's. A few lyrics to go by "All I want is for you to give me a try, I can be your girl and you can be my guy" "you can put a chain on my heart ..... so we'll never part, its really such a fantasy, come on and take a chance on me"
  10. Looking for a correct song title and artist if possible. "Dont you want my love" from the 80's of course, disco type of song. Lyrics to the best of my knowlege are "Dont you want my love don't you need my body don't you want my love, ..... wait till we get started, then you;ll want my love. Hot, is how I feel when you put your body next to mine, heat you feel so real sweat runs down my body all the time"
  11. I need to know the artist of a "dance" song from the 80's called "take a chance on me" some of the lyrics are "all I want is for you to give me a try, I can be your girl and you can be my guy"
  12. Thanks heaps, I have managed to download it in just a few minutes, which was a bonus. Is this song "Australian" I don't remember when It came out at all just remember hearing it on the radio.
  13. I believe that this song is about his own son who tragically fell from a building. It is a real touchy song but beautiful. Along with If I Could Change the world! Classy stuff.
  14. The song is called "lonely lady blue" some of the words in this song are "oh my lonely lonely lady, oh my lonely lady blue if it were only true" it is quite old I believe 70's maybe. I wish to find out the artist
  15. Thanks ever so much, I love music but am hopeless with titles.
  16. Help Me. This song isn't very old, sung by a black woman. I very powerful type of song with the chorus (I believe) to be "good luck, good luck, good luck with your new ???" sorry thats all i have. Its not a slow song quite up tempo. Someones help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Just a question! I am trying to find out the title of a song, it came out around 1979 1980. A few of the lyrics that I remember are "we're never gonna die, we're gonna make it if we try, youre gonna love me" I think anyway. It was an up beat disco type song. HELP
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