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  1. Well, apart from the fact that he referenced my last post twice and was responding to my original post, so I think it may have something to do with me, I think you need to understand the relationship between me and BF rather than human nature in general. We love taking lumps out of each other...it makes us laugh!
  2. As my children would say...'buddabudaa...ching' (sad roll around small drum kit). So, BF, instead of going all egocentric on us and returning it to the subject of you...do you regularly tell your siblings (if you have any)what you think of them? I imagine you do.
  3. You so ugly when you was born the doctor slapped yo mommas face. Or something. I'm not good at this sort of banter. Err...(lost for words)...
  4. There's no need to be so snippy. Cut it out, that's what I say...oh, sorry, that's 'secateurs'.
  5. I tell my wife, my children...even my mistress, all the time...just not my brothers. I came close a couple of times, but....
  6. I've never told my brothers how much I love them.
  7. Good call....but have you seen the Davey Graham (or was it Bert Jansch?) ragtime video on YOU Tube where it is blindingly obvious that Page stole the intro to Stairway to Heaven from...it's pretty convincing. I'll go look for it. Here it is...Davey Graham. Lovely girl in the video! JG
  8. Went to see Josh Radin on Monday...not bad. I assume he's a whole lot better known in the US...although he was sold out here...it was a small venue.
  9. Sorry, but that is a complete 'cop out'...somebody has got to stand up and say...'nipples are good' and not hide behind this wishy-washy shite you call 'freedom'. Freedom? You don't know the meaning of the word. A***holes. How the hell can you claim to be the nation you are, and be completely hung up on a quarter centimetre of vaguely brown flesh? Next thing, you'll be making women dress up in purdah. Pillocks.
  10. Hmmm...not such a bad riposte...why are Keane so bad?...honestly, I need to know...I mean, I f*****g hate them...but that doesn't seem to be evidence enough in a 'reasoned debate'.
  11. So, what do you say to your mates who wear Coldplay t-shirts then?
  12. I don't quite know where, or how, my next comment fits in. It's almost (almost) worth a thread of its own, but, a good friend of mine has just quoted some Snow Patrol lyrics to me as if they were deep and meaningful...it's the verbal/aural equivalent of wearing a U2 t-shirt to my birthday party...how do I show them the door?
  13. Edna..you have missed the point entirely...I don't have any perverse desire to see nipples any more than anybody else has...I just think it is 'sick' that they are banned from an ordinary website. What's wrong with nipples? If you think that 'only perverts want to see nipples so they should access porn sites to do that' then, I'm sorry, but it is you that is sick...not me!' Every musician I know...has nipples.
  14. I'm sorry but I am one of those folks who find the whole 'advertising the band at my own expense' exercises quite annoying. If they give me a freebie and I thought they were any good, then, yeah, I'll wear it. But pay for them to advertise themselves? There can only be one reason you would do that....it is to show how ineffably cool you were to be at their gig...and thereby lies danger. Why-oh-why would I want anyone to know I'd ever been to a Nerverack gig? I'd deny it on oath, even with a caiman crocodilus attached to my left nipple. Who the hell wants anyone to know they've been to a Coldplay concert? Best t-shirt ever? 9 Below Zero, 1980. Dried like a dishcloth, never needed ironing...fell to bits around 1990...top gig. top band.
  15. Yeah...they're in the 'Family' section.
  16. You are right...sorry again Shawna. What would be the Mods position on us setting up a 'Nipples special interest' thread? Which category would it go under. 'Have You Seen Me?' would seem a possibility....having said that, I often find them in my own personal 'Random Thoughts' bit of my brain. We must stiffen in the cold breeze of censorship...we cannot allow prurient right wing christian ethical nonsense to detract from the beauty and wonders of the human form...either god gave us it or he didn't, either way...we should celebrate. Long live nipples.
  17. I might have known that, the moment we were discussing t!ts, you would turn up. What is your position on the wonders of the female gland?
  18. Ooops, sorry Shawna... Happy Birthday!!
  19. Typical SF egocentricity. My very serious point has been trivialised, marginalised and now ignored. I want to speak to the manager. Why only male nipples allowed? Why is it permitted to allow those nipples to be chewed by reptiles? Do they allow the public breastfeeding of reptillia by men in the US but ban the female breastfeeding of infants? Sick bastards.
  20. Hey mods! How come the foam-flecked ghost of Monica Belluci's left nipple gets edited out of my posts on grounds of taste and decorum yet you can post the sado-masochistic image above with equanimity? Apart from the blatant sexism and hypocrisy it displays...what message is that giving to our kids?
  21. Glad to know that you have no standards either...way to go.
  22. Is there no room for 'hot and skanky' in this terrible world? I like to think so....
  23. Girl...you are a genius....Job done. Many thanks. One day I may share with the world the reason for this quest...but, for now, adieu.
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