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  1. One of the things I love about rock, especially live rock, is the way guitar solos are introduced, usually by the singer, who then has to stand back and not look a pratt whilst the guitarist takes centre stage.....this musical interlude has spawned many memorable intro phrases....such as, guitar!.....take it away Jimmy....lets rock'n'roll....Mr. Jeff Beck ladies and gentlemen...etc. etc. But which is the BEST? My own favourites are ....ZZTop...'let's drive this old Chrysler down Mexico way....Led Zep...'Give it to me'....and a local band....'Give that guitar a bone'.... ....any other good ones?
  2. I didn't mean to sound big headed....they wrote great songs, they just couldn't do it live....our band wrote crap songs...but we could sing harmonies pretty well and once we'd figured out the (rather tricky) guitar solo....we were away. It became one of our mainstays...along with 'Sit Down' (James) Memphis in the Meantime (Hiatt) and Angeline (Matthew Sweet) and Reeling in the Years (S.Dan) they all went down well....my favourite was Divine Intervention (Matthew Sweet)....but mainly because I got to show off on the guitar. Elliot Easton is one of the great unsung guitarists...but so is Robert Quine....genius.
  3. I think it's ....Well I'm so tired of crying...I'm on the road again....or something like it. Am I the only one who thought Desmond Dekker's classic, The Israelites...had the line Gettup in the morning, bake beans for breakfast....? I still hear it to this day ::
  4. Brilliant! Thanks for this...priceless. I'm a bit of a newby, so be gentle with me. Superb.
  5. Well, there's a couple of 'classics'....Me and Mrs. Jones is probably the most played....depends if either of you is being 'unfaithful'....if so, the heavens open
  6. The Blower's Daughter is a gorgeous song....but, if you can speak a bit of Finnish the last track is a killer....definitely the saddest song I've ever heard....
  7. I saw the Cars in an 'intimate' gig in the 80's and....much as I loved them...they couldn't do the harmonies live for [bleep]. Shame, Best Friends Girl is a classic and our band used to do it better than them....which was nice I think Zep with Jason Bonham would be worth seeing
  8. Only since he shaved off his ridiculous moustache...before that he looked like one of the Three Muskateers
  9. Well, Frank Zappa was renowned for them. This one's even called 'Dirty Love' enjoy..... Give me Your dirty love Like you might surrender To some dragon in your dreams Give me Your dirty love Like a pink donation To the dragon in your dreams I don?t need your sweet devotion I don?t want your cheap emotion Just whip me up some dragon lotion For your dirty love Give me Your dirty love Like some tacky little pamphlet In your daddy?s bottom drawer Give me Your dirty love I don?t believe you have ever seen That book before I don?t need no consolation I don?t want your reservation I only got one destination An? that?s your dirty love Give me Your dirty love Just like your mama Make her fuzzy poodle do Give me Your dirty love The way your mama Make that nasty poodle chew I?ll ignore your cheap aroma And your little-bo-peep diploma I?ll just put you in a coma With some dirty love The poodle bites! (come on, frenchie) The poodle chews it! (snap it!) The poodle bites! (come on, frenchie) The poodle chews it! (snap it!) Beautiful
  10. After the lovely example (see Jethroe Tull thread) of a person realising they had misheard a lyric for 30 years and now discover the song was about something TOTALLY different to what they had thought....are there any other good examples? The advent of CD clarity must have opened up the ears after years of dodgy Dansettes...go for it. ::
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sitting on a park bench -- eyeing little girls with bad intent. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haha I always thought it was NINE little girls with bad intent. Those evil little girls... Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ha....I can feel another thread coming on...what lyrics have you misheard for 30 years?....Nice image though...nine evil little girls as opposed to one nasty old tramp...completely changes the sense of the song. Good one
  12. So far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? It would be so fine to see your face at my door Doesn't help to know you're just time away Long ago I reached for you and there you stood Holding you again could only do me good How I wish I could, but you're so far away One more song about movin' along the highway Can't say much of anything that's new If I could only work this life out my way I'd rather spend it bein' close to you. But you're so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? It would be so fine to see your face at my door Doesn't help to know you're so far away Yay-uh-ay-eee Oh, so far away Travelin' around sure gets me down and lonely Nothin' else to do but close my mind I sure hope the road don't come to own me There's so many dreams I've yet to fin-ind But you're so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? It would be so fine to see your face at my door And it doesn't help to know you're so far away Yay-uh-ay-eee Oh, so far away Yay, you're so faaaaaar away Carole King....probably the best.....ever
  13. Sitting on a park bench -- eyeing little girls with bad intent. Snot running down his nose -- greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes. Drying in the cold sun -- Watching as the frilly panties run. Feeling like a dead duck -- spitting out pieces of his broken luck. Yeah, it is a bit frightening. One of the best bands ever IMHO. Martin Barre...top guitarist. Warchild damn good. Lots of good compilations available. Still touring. Living in the Past double album a classic. Skating away....on the thin ice of a new day ay ay aaaay.
  14. A friend of mine just rang up the Albert Hall to see if there were any tickets for the Cream reunion (he'd only just found out)...the (very patient) guy at the box office politely pointed out that they'd sold out in about three hours, several weeks ago....how long do you think Zep tickets would last? ::
  15. I was in a band and we used to do the Lizzy version, always went down well. One night we were about to play it when two teenage girlies (pissed)decided to moon at the audience and gave us all a treat (the only person who didn't see it was the drummer)...I couldn't resist it so I introduced the song as 'Mooning in the Dancelight'...we went down a storm. Aaaah, memories
  16. Every 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' song sounds like three classics at once. Same with most of Ryan Adams...he references every band you ever heard in the 70's. The Darkness are just a first division pub band....but they are fun :happybanana: Kings of Leon and brilliant live too...Molly's Chamber's gonna change your miiiiiind ::
  17. Wasn't it Ian Astbury from The Cult? I saw Pink Floyd do The Wall at Earl's Court...must be over 20 years ago....at least they are all still alive, so, in theory, they could re-form, but I think they all hate each other now...and they don't need the money. Anyway, good one, thanks
  18. This is more about being with someone you shouldn't....Del Amitri are masters of the poignant longing stuff. Check out Driving With Your Brakes on or Running Shoes...meanwhile Be My Downfall. The bus is pulling out and I guess I?d better go Before I make a grave mistake and let my feelings show And twenty miles away she waits alone for me But when I try to picture her you?re the one I see And in another situation I could put up a fight But you will be my downfall tonight So the night is coming down, drowning us in blue And it all points towards the things we know we shouldn?t do And as I look at you and I fall under your spell Well I know I should be thinking of her lying there herself And when faced with temptation you know a man should stand and fight But you will be my downfall tonight Be my downfall be my great regret be the one girl That I?ll never forget Be my undoing be my slow road to ruin tonight So the bus is pulling out and I?m grounded here with you And I want to say the sweet things babe I?ve always wanted to So tell me now the tail-lights have gone out of sight Baby won?t you be my downfall once again tonight
  19. It's probably been done before...in which case I'm sorry, but, who would you like to see re-form (who have sufficient of the originals left) so you could finally get to see them. The Wonderstuff just passed through town....but I didn't go because I saw them in 1990 (at their absolute peak) and I couldn't bear to be disappointed. On the other hand, if The Bible re-formed I'd go like a shot because the only time I tried to see them the gig was cancelled due to 'sound problems' whilst we waited outside....and they split soon after, Damn Who would you like to have another chance to see? ::
  20. Seminal early 80's 'never quite made it but were bloody marvelous' powerpop jangly type one small hit wonders...Any Trouble are re-forming for new album and short tour. http://www.anytrouble.co.uk/ Fronted by the redoubtable Clive Gregson, they split in 1984 and Clive Gregson carried on solo and in duets and threesomes with, amongst others, Boo Hewerdine (The Bible) Christine Collister (voice of an angel) and Eddy Reader (Fairground Attraction)...he is currently touring as the guitarist/singer with Nanci Griffith. I loved Any Trouble. :happybanana:
  21. Most of Nick Drake...but I'd go for Hazey Jane 1 Alternatively, John Martyns ode to Nick Drake...Solid Air 'I don't know what's going on in your mind...but I can tell you don't like what you find...when you're living on Solid Air'
  22. There are two on Ebay right now.
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