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  1. I saw Tull on Thurday evening...great gig....but I don't recall those words... They did do 'Thick as a Brick' though....and 'Aqualung'....great night out.
  2. Lisa Minelli's free right now. She appeals to the same sort of folk who like Velvet Revolver and Guns 'n' Roses....I sense a marriage made in heaven.
  3. Just got in from seeing the Tull...great gig. For years I've avoided seeing my various favourite bands touring now as ancient baldies....but, tonight I made an exception...and they were wonderful! Second set was Thick as a Brick, Aqualung and encore with Locomotive Breath....bloody marvellous.
  4. Just saw the last night of his UK tour...absolutely %$£"^ing awesome! Great band, great songs, great show...great fun. I've never seen a performer enjoy himself so much and an audience respond so well. Best gig I've been to in years...and I've been to a lot!
  5. Just buy the lot. He only did three albums. Bryter Later, Five Leaves Left and Pink Moon. They are all brilliant. None of the compilations or out-takes albums add anything of any value. All three albums are quite different...and quite gorgeous in their own ways. I couldn't pick a 'best' one. IMHO (speaking as someone who will be having Nick Drake played at his funeral...Hazey Jane, now that you ask...although it could have been Pink Moon...or Northern Sky...or 'One of these Things First' or 'River Man...or...or...any of them really)
  6. Do you mean this....?? Awesome. Saw him live a couple of years ago...and he can still do it. If anything, his current band are better...the guitarist is jawdropping!
  7. I was in the supermarket today and...over the system came 'Take another little piece of my heart...' Well, apart from making me think about SJ...It confirmed my opinion...great lyric....not a poem. Been listening to Al Green all day...great lyrics....not poems.
  8. Couldn't disagree more. Some lyrics are quite 'poetic' sometimes, and, very rarely, some lyrics verge on poetry, in my opinion (but some serious literary heavyweights argue that lyrics are never and can never be poetry). The greatest lyrics are usually make pretty crap poems, and, like I say, probably are not poems at all. If there are any you think are great poems then stick 'em up here and let's discuss.
  9. Me too. It's one thing having a three...or is it four? octave voice...maybe even five...I dunno, but don't demonstrate it every time...less is definitely more sometimes and more is always less when it comes to vocal pyrotechnics. Whitney does it too.... Just sing the sodding song, why don't they?
  10. Try this....!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UbHXSsiUnE JG Here's the full length live version...extended sax solo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO9zhkNFjqs&feature=related
  11. Ouch! One of my faves....must have been the state of my heart at the time Still a great guitar solo though, way ahead of its time in terms of composition as a top 100 hit. Has anyone suggested 'Will You' by Hazel Oconnor. Massive 20 week top 2o hit in the UK...no ideas what it did in the states...superb Sax solo is most of the song. I'll take my Quarteflash album and leave, quietly... (PS Still think you are wrong. Women play great sax and Harden My Heart, great tune...try it again! )
  12. If you promised me a mention I'd suggest 'Harden My Heart' by Quarteflash. Classic 80's hit, and all the better for the stonking saxaphone being played by a woman...cool guitar solo too, but it's mostly the sax for me.
  13. I do, indeed, have a tiny...but muscular, butt.
  14. Just saw the film 'Once'....lovely film. Oscar winning tunes. Glen Hansard...fairly large talent. Good soundtrack album. Nuff said.
  15. I think we can safely assume he won't be going down on 'One Knee' again anytime soon!
  16. Ollie Halsall was a bloody genius on the guitar. I saw him in about 75/76 with the band 'Boxer' (I think) and have never seen a better guitarist since!
  17. I had their single version of House of the Rising Sun. Think it was about 1970. It's quite a good version...very heavy with a great fuzz guitar.
  18. Woodchopper's Ball is, indeed, a rather cool instrumental. It's an old Be Bop tune, I think, and TYA do a ripping version. Leo Lyons (TYA Bassist) was the producer of one of my favourite albums (and bands) ever...'Phenomenon' by UFO. (just a bit of trivia there for you folks).
  19. Well, picking up on the pirate theme from an earlier thread.... My favourite band is better than your favourite band...because they arrrgh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yndKF-6GPGQ
  20. I would look a bit closer to home if I were you. Unfortunately, and I say this with no pride whatsoever, the UK and the US have been the biggest stirrers in the Middle East for nearly a century now and for all of my lifetime. I don't know what history books you read (if any) but British imperialism and US greed and manipulation have been at the bottom of all of the conflicts in the middle east. And it's not racist to point that out!
  21. You're right. And why? ....because they arrrrgh!
  22. It might just be the way I tell 'em...but my kids thought that was the funniest joke I'd told them in years....thanks!
  23. Is it just me, or is this topic woven with subliminal, or, even worse, overt racism. I got banned for several weeks for using the mildest epithet whilst rebuking, privately, a mod for deleting a vague photo I had posted of half a beautiful nipple...and you lot can go round making the most outrageous generalisations about entire ethnic groups without a murmur. No doubt we should ban breast feeding whilst agreeing to the death penalty. I, for one, can't figure.
  24. Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues Danny O'Keefe (plus various cover versions)
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