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  1. it's incredible how much crap you can find on the internet.
  2. reward probably outweighs the risk
  3. sure it does...but what exactly escapes me at the moment.
  4. best studio double albums are: The Wall- Pink Floyd Physical Graffiti- Led Zeppelin and if you count new compilations on CD's, then forty licks is the best "greatest hits" double album.
  5. Mixed Emotional Healing (Stones + Stones) this one kinda works
  6. Takin' It to the Streets of Philadelphia (Doobie Brothers + Bruce Springsteen)
  7. I Want to Tell You and I will Meet Again (The Beatles + Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
  8. Don't Fear the Reaper, Honky Tonk Woman, Houses of the Holy. You've got a point there, XXX.
  9. once again a perfectly good conversation is reduced to a stairway to heaven debate. it's amazing how many times this happens.
  10. Somebody to Love Me Two Times (Queen + The Doors) Crazy Little Thing Called Love Ain't For Keeping (Queen + The Who)
  11. i've heard stuff like this before, yet it was mostly ignored in the led zeppelin biography i read, but it did mention page buying crowley's house, mostly because they recorded some music there. i don't care how they did it, i'm just glad i can rock out to their tunes. :guitar:
  12. :guitar: i can't believe i forgot that one
  13. "I Shot the Sheriff" by Eric Clapton was written and origionally sung by Bob Marley, who wouldn't tell him if it was based on a true event or not. and it makes me wonder.
  14. flute definatly wouldnt work for some other bands, but i think it adds a lot to jethro tull that makes them different.
  15. The Show Must Go On- Pink Floyd and heres a wierd one: In the Flesh- Pink Floyd (The Wall disc 1) In the Flesh- Pink Floyd (The Wall disc 2)
  16. Set me Free Bird (The Kinks + Lynyrd Skynyrd) See Emily Play the Game (Pink Floyd + Queen) Ticket to Riders on the Storm (The Beatles + The Doors)
  17. Hey You Can't Always Get What You Want (Pink Floyd + Stones)
  18. that's cool bazooka. it's harder to get what people really mean online. i by the way don't think that paul's really dead. i bet a bunch of stupid bastards came up with it.
  19. having a bad day bazooka? and i do have some sources on the controversy here. im sure there are thousands of others on the web as well. and thanks enda for your help, instead of just telling me i was stupid for asking. appreciate it ::.
  20. What are some good songs with cow bells in them? Two that I know of so far are: Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult Houses of the Holy- Led Zeppelin I'm sure there are more.
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