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  1. Other Beatles' songs with great basslines: "Drive My Car" "Paperback Writer" "Rain" Non-Beatles' song that has a great bass riff: "White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)" [That's the second time I've mentioned that song today. I must get out my 12". Oo-er...]
  2. Actually, with reference to the above, Paul McCartney was once asked in an interview who he would have in his fantasy group. he replied something to the effect of: himself - bass/vocals (presumably) Jimi Hendrix - guitar John [Lennon] ("obviously") - guitar (and vocals, presumably) Ringo - drums Then, seemingly realising where he had gone with this (with 3 Beatles in the line-up), he went (as an afterthought) "...oh and, er, George on guitar" (or words to that effect).
  3. Dream Supergroup? Easy: John Lennon - guitar/vocals George Harrison - guitar vocals Paul McCartney - bass/keyboards/vocals Ringo Starr - drums Just imagine the 4 of them making music together!
  4. Done this already.... Met Lulu at her Fan Club Christmas Party at (the) Abbey Road Studios, 1969. It was my brother who was the fan, not me. But she (Lu) seemed very nice. However, I was talking to someone recently who had also met her and he said that she was...um...not so nice. Watched a football (soccer) match [England v. Italy in the World Cup Qualifiers] in the back bar of an Irish Pub in Madrid with 3/4 of Blur, 1997. During the match both drummer Dave Rowntree and I got up to go to the loo at the same time, so I have stood next to him at a urinal with our knobs out. After we
  5. On drugs: "White Rabbit" "Mr. Tambourine Man" Off drugs: "Cold Turkey" Just Say 'No' To Drugs: "White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)"
  6. I'm not sure that you can actually blame Nirvana for this. Maybe you should write to your local radio station and ask them to play more Blink 182 (or whatever 'great' music you've got goin' on over there at the mo'....oh yeah....Usher...ask for more Usher....) Nirvana gave us THREE great albums. "12 years old" is nothing. The albums are classics and lots of people love 'em. What's wrong with your radio stationplaying them? I get irritated here because our National Radio station won't play anything earlier than 1990 - and music had been mostly PANTS since then (save for Nirvana, The Pix
  7. You've never heard of Brian May???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. There are two songs that reduced me to tears after my mother died. One was "Alone Again, Naturally" and the other was "I'll Be Missing You" - especially on the extended version which has Puff talking at the beginning, bemoaning the loss of his friend (B.I.G.). Other than that, there are plenty of songs that make me "weep" - especially anything by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.
  9. "Seasons In The Sun" was written by Jacques Brel with English Lyrics by Rod McKuen. So Terry Jacks dedicating it to a human friend is irrelevant. The inspiration wasn't his!
  10. You know nothing. How anyone can described Ringo as "untalented" is beyond me. OK, wasn't (isn't) a great songwriter like the other three and he's not the world's greatest singer. But he is a bloody GREAT drummer.
  11. That just about says it all really.
  12. The guitar "solos" are by Paul, George and John (in that order) taking it in turns to play 2 bars (about 4 seconds), three times each. The three different players' styles are quite distinctive. This will be my last post...so quite fitting that it's "The End"! Peace and love to those who care. Martin ========================================= And in the end, "dave", the love you take is equal to the love you make.
  13. Even pre-Fabness, The Beatles were no angels. When they were in Hamburg before hitting the big time, they got themselves into all sorts of trouble, including being arested for starting a fire. The only time they were masqueraded as 'innocent' was when Brian Epstein put them into suits [late 1962 and 1963] and they 'played the game' in order to get the exposure and open the doors for everything else that followed (including The Stones). Statistical fact: 3/4 of The Beatles have been arrested for various offences (mostly drug-related), Paul being the all-time champ! Only 2/5 of The Stones
  14. Hmmmmm..... Not sure about this. [1] I would say The Beatles were more 'Rock 'n' Roll' and the Stones were more 'R'n'B'. [2] I cannot think of a greater, more potent Rock 'n' Roll performance by ANYONE (including Elvis, Little Richard et al) than Paul McCartney on The Beatles' version of "Long Tall Sally" [plus there are also incredible Rock 'n' Roll performances by the lads on "I Saw Her Standing There", "Twist And Shout", "Kansas City", "Slowdown", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" and "One After 909", to name but some]. [3] The Stones did stuff like "Lady Jane", "Ruby Tu
  15. I am really embarrassed that I have got a CD by Marilyn Manson in my collection. Mind you, nobody knows about it and it's not the sort of thing I'm going admit to. Not to anybody. Doh!!!
  16. WHAT????? Noddy Holder? That's got to be a joke, right? I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Otis Redding. And also, only one 'vote' each for Marvin Gaye and Al Green. I think the problem is the usual confusion between 'the best' and 'favourite'. Even the 3 candidates I have mentioned assumes that we are talking about 'popular' music culture, and therefore excludes the likes of Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras? For me, there is a distinction. The 'best': Otis Marvin The Reverend Al My faves: John Lennon Paul McCartney Thom Yorke Kurt Cobain David Bowie Roy Or
  17. For its 'feeling', I think the instrumental "Flying" is very trippy. For lyrical content and sound, I'd go with "It's All Too Much". ====================================== Show me that I'm ev'rywhere, and get me home for tea.
  18. I don't know. I've never seen her lungs. I've just heard her voice. I have to stock up on earplugs everytime she brings out some new record.
  19. I'm not even sure about the "easy to watch" bit. All that tossing of hair...and pouting....Am I missing something? I just don't 'get' any part of Britney 'package'.
  20. All those women who think they can sing like Aretha Franklin...and, frankly, just can't! Whitney Houston Mariah Carey Celine Dion
  21. In a word: Absolutely NOT! [OK that was two words]
  22. I voted "Revolver". The quality of 13 of the tracks on the album is just unbelieveable. Four guys and their excellent Producer reaching something of a creative peak.
  23. These Polls about who is 'better' are always very silly, because its not about who is 'better' or who is 'best'. It's about who you like the most which is not the same thing. This particular popularity contest is particularly silly, because I have never - in 40 years - seen a poll in which the Rolling Stones topped The Beatles. In one of the nationwide end-of-millennium polls, The Beatles were voted the top group of the millennium, amassing over 20% of all votes polled - the clearest victors in any category. The Rolling Stones were 3rd. Every (sensible) poll I've seen about 'best sing
  24. It's funny, because I was thinking yesterday: "Is there such a thing as the PERFECT album" - a groundbreaking album, brilliant in its conception and execution from start to finish. I was going to start a discussion, but thought it (or something similar) would already have been done on this site. Anyway, when I was thinking about it yesterday, I figured it would have to be an album by The Beatles, as they are the albums that I play most - even now, I still keep going back to them. "Revolver" is my favourite album. 13 of the 14 tracks are just absolutely sublime. However, that there is
  25. Me. As Dean Martin once sang "It's AMORE"! [American Middle Of-the Road Excrement] Martin =============================================== The movement you need is on your shoulder.
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