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  1. The worst movies I've seen- Bird On A Wire Fellini's Cassanova Grease 2 (using bowling as a metaphor for sex??) The Hard Way I like the South Park movie. I often ask myself in times of desparation just what would Brian Boitano do?
  2. Has any one heard of Scissor Sisters? I saw a video for their song Take Your Mama Out. The song reminds me of very early really good 70's era Elton John. They sound sort of post glam pop, like Sweet, or Elton John as I said above.
  3. SNL used to parody this. Tobey Maguire as Screech from Saved By The Bell is my favorite. I'll play along. Favorite word: monkey Least favorite word: don't have one What turns me on: a gap between the two front teeth What turns me off: a person with no sense of silliness Sound or noise I love: chirping birds sound I hate: my alarm clock favorite curse word (it's the first letters of a Van Halen album title) Profession to attempt: Broadway performer Profession I would not life to participate in: animal experimentation God: you're singing with the band to
  4. She had a minot hit before that with Another Dumb Blonde. She is Don Ho's daughter.
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