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  1. LOL! I listen to a very wide range of music, and I have never been afraid to let people know it. In fact, I am proud of my extremely diverse collection. I like when people ask me "what is that song you are listening, too? I go pretty cool, huh? I go from Led Zeppelin to Fatih Hill to the O'Jays to Usher and all the way back to Phil Collins. I'm a rare breed in my parts and I like it that way!!

  2. Magnet and Steel - Walter EganHot child in the City - Nick GilderDrift Away - Dobie GrayInto the Night - benny mardonesFoolish Fool - Deedee WarwickOoh, Child - The Five stairstepsWhat becomes of the broken hearted - Jimmy RuffinSomeboyd's watching me - RockwellI can probably come up with more, just give me some time! LOL

  3. Who do you all think HAD to get a recording contract based on something other than vocal talent? I would like to know who thought that Bob Dylan's "distinctive" voice was what the world needed!! LOLAlso, Cyndi lauper leaves something to be desired..uhh Something like William Hung, the American Idol reject

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