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  1. And also, like if you are in your car, and the guy behind you is playing his radio, but all you can hear is the bassline, can you usually identify the song by it?By the way, it's hard for me to narrow any favorites down!
  2. 1. Kim Carnes2. Bonnie Tyler3. Bob Dylan4. Cyndi Lauper5. All of the Backstreet Boys And to Catherine, I think Patti Labelle has a beautifulvoice!
  3. Definitely Rush and New Jack City. Jason Patric was outstanding in that role!
  4. Jury Duty!!! Pauly Shore should be drug into the street and shot!!Jeepers Creepers was stupid, not creepy!
  5. LOL! I listen to a very wide range of music, and I have never been afraid to let people know it. In fact, I am proud of my extremely diverse collection. I like when people ask me "what is that song you are listening, too? I go pretty cool, huh? I go from Led Zeppelin to Fatih Hill to the O'Jays to Usher and all the way back to Phil Collins. I'm a rare breed in my parts and I like it that way!!
  6. Let's get it on, by Marvin Gaye!
  7. Hi. About how old is the song?I remember a song that was out in the middle 80s called "Honestly" by a group called Stryper. It had a similar line that said, "call on me and I'll be there for you. I'm a friend who always will be true."It was a Christian song, could this be what you are talking about?
  8. didn't the Atlanta Rhythm Section cover this one, too?
  9. Magnet and Steel - Walter EganHot child in the City - Nick GilderDrift Away - Dobie GrayInto the Night - benny mardonesFoolish Fool - Deedee WarwickOoh, Child - The Five stairstepsWhat becomes of the broken hearted - Jimmy RuffinSomeboyd's watching me - RockwellI can probably come up with more, just give me some time! LOL
  10. Who do you all think HAD to get a recording contract based on something other than vocal talent? I would like to know who thought that Bob Dylan's "distinctive" voice was what the world needed!! LOLAlso, Cyndi lauper leaves something to be desired..uhh Something like William Hung, the American Idol reject
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