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  1. Oh goodness! Sorry to say this, but Sawyer is trash lOL. He can't blame the world for his shortcomings with that MAJOR chip on his shoulder...Don't hate me, guys, but I slightly enjoyed the scene where he gets tortured. I was glad to see he had one redeeming quality about himself, but he still needs an attitude adjustment. I can't wait to see the pasts of the fat guy, the pregnant woman and especially those siblings. I think the Iraqi guys'is going to be something to see!

  2. All right, sorry about that guys, LOL. Well, here is mine: [*]This English band with an "infantile" name was formed in 1976. [*]Lead singer went solo in 1982, had a #1 hit released from second album. [*]Singer then went on to form a different band that had a US #1 hit in 1990.

  3. If husbands and wives are allowed, we'd have The Captain and Tenille and Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. Would Bruce Springsteen and Patti Schafia (sp) count? Are they even still married? LOL. Also, there's Christine and John McVie from Fleetwood Mac.

  4. Marvin Gaye, killed by his own father. Andy Gibb(he was sort of a phenom at that time). Karen Carpenter. Selena was on the verge, but was cut down by another act of senseless violence. Did anybody mention Richie Valens already? Tupac Shakir. John Lennon was truly shocking. I had just bought the Double Fantasy album. What a waste.

  5. hi, K-tel! I'm the queen of compilation cds. It's a good and economical way to collect favorite songs without having to buy an entire cd of songs that otherwise you might not want.I love the various "love songs" series. But what I own range from oldies to 80's to soul and rock favorites. LOL. I live by it.

  6. almost ruined your affinity for it? The most extreme case of this for me was the video for "Always", by Bon Jovi. The sleazy, kinky, sex-club type scene had me on the verge of hurling. I thought it was totally distasteful and without class. Luckily, now when I listen to the song, I can usually disassociate with that bit of atrociousness.

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