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  1. Malakin I agree with the unrehearsed noodling along, but that's what I think was groovy about it... was just a mellow raw jam session.
  2. I agree, I think Drexler should have gotten the honor of performing his own song. I'm sure the corporate image network pubas said otherwise. Damnit. Tenacious!! How's it been hangin'? I fell off the planet for a bit, back in action though.
  3. I thought I he did mad justice to the song personally.
  4. I loved Santana's version of Jorge Drewler's "Al Otro Lado del Rio". Does anyone know if this is on wax? Where can I purchase it? Thanks! RubberSoul
  5. I'm sure you all have some good trash... ::
  6. I always played "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison to my newborn.
  7. This is one of Stevie's most melodic, beautiful, and relaxed instrumentals. Does anyone know of a list of songs or artists that sound like this song? If I could find a catalog of guitar instrumentals like this, I believe that's all I would listen to all day and night. Thx! -RS
  8. Let em rip ya'll.... my personal favs... 1) Orbital 2) Daft Punk 3) Fatboy Slim 4) Orb 5) Meat beat Manifesto 6) Prodigy (Pre-1997) 7) Chem Bros 8) Art of Noise 9) DJ Shadow 10) Lemon Jelly
  9. "Chest Fever" by The Band... the organ will floor ya.
  10. I always thought "The Band" was horribly underrated.
  11. No Chipmunks ::... But I beiliev that is was part of the original score after all the diggin I found. Thank you for everyones post!
  12. I always pictured some saviors of techno, they would rate to Rock and Roll as the following: Chem Brothers - Zeppelin Orb - Pink Floyd Orbital - Beatles Fatboy Slim - Zappa Kraftwerk - Hendrix Art of Noise - Moody Blues (old) Prodigy - Van Halen Aphex Twin - Sabbath Meat Beat Manifesto - David Bowie Hope I'm no too far off....
  13. No doubt in my mind, it'd have to be Ry Cooder's "Feelin' Bad Blues" Check it out, it's mesmerizing.
  14. 1) Almost Famous 2) Krull (Horrible "B" movie but the soundtrack is amazing) 3) Blues Brothers
  15. Beta Band "Dry the Rain" ?
  16. "Damn Good Times" By David Lee Roth
  17. Thanks for the help... but I'm a real Classic Rock afficianado. I've looked everywhere for it. (I'm a big S&G fan, I know it's not the one) But thank you again for your post!!!
  18. Cant go wrong with "I believe in You" by Don Williams.
  19. As he writes in the credits, there is and organ song with light cymbal beat... what is this song... really cool mellow tune... many thanks!
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