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  1. Malakin I agree with the unrehearsed noodling along, but that's what I think was groovy about it... was just a mellow raw jam session.
  2. I agree, I think Drexler should have gotten the honor of performing his own song. I'm sure the corporate image network pubas said otherwise. Damnit. Tenacious!! How's it been hangin'? I fell off the planet for a bit, back in action though.
  3. I thought I he did mad justice to the song personally.
  4. I loved Santana's version of Jorge Drewler's "Al Otro Lado del Rio". Does anyone know if this is on wax? Where can I purchase it? Thanks! RubberSoul
  5. I'm sure you all have some good trash... ::
  6. I always played "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison to my newborn.
  7. This is one of Stevie's most melodic, beautiful, and relaxed instrumentals. Does anyone know of a list of songs or artists that sound like this song? If I could find a catalog of guitar instrumentals like this, I believe that's all I would listen to all day and night. Thx! -RS
  8. Let em rip ya'll.... my personal favs... 1) Orbital 2) Daft Punk 3) Fatboy Slim 4) Orb 5) Meat beat Manifesto 6) Prodigy (Pre-1997) 7) Chem Bros 8) Art of Noise 9) DJ Shadow 10) Lemon Jelly
  9. "Chest Fever" by The Band... the organ will floor ya.
  10. I always thought "The Band" was horribly underrated.
  11. No Chipmunks ::... But I beiliev that is was part of the original score after all the diggin I found. Thank you for everyones post!
  12. I always pictured some saviors of techno, they would rate to Rock and Roll as the following: Chem Brothers - Zeppelin Orb - Pink Floyd Orbital - Beatles Fatboy Slim - Zappa Kraftwerk - Hendrix Art of Noise - Moody Blues (old) Prodigy - Van Halen Aphex Twin - Sabbath Meat Beat Manifesto - David Bowie Hope I'm no too far off....
  13. No doubt in my mind, it'd have to be Ry Cooder's "Feelin' Bad Blues" Check it out, it's mesmerizing.
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