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  1. it is a male vocalist... came out on 93x summer of 07... punk/alternative ish
  2. this song has been in my head since last summer.. where i live now i do not get 93x so i never hear it anymore.. i have searched the internet for the lyrics and nothing comes up... here are some lyrics.... "i should have known better i should have never let you get away.... i wont let you walk away cuz now i know better give your love to me today.. i had to watch you walk away.. i should have known better........" thats like the middle to end of the song.. please help
  3. hay i finally found it.. i heard it again randomly and figured it out its "into oblivion" by funeral for a friend.. and ya losers luck "a choice" was right thanks
  4. i use to know this song.. and now i dont.. cant find it anywhere... part of the lyrics that i can remember are "eyes turned to oblivion" and another one i think its called "a choice" or sumtin like that.. lyrics: "how can i miss you when your never gone.."
  5. never mind everyone... i had a hunch and i was right.. my memory of the song was a lil off but i found it .... it was warning by incubus... well thanks anyways
  6. its from the 90s, its punk/rock music nothing country or hip hop or anything like that.... i dont know the lyrics.. if i knew the lyrics.. then i could find the song
  7. ok im trying to figure out what video this is... it starts out with a girl ( i believe) in the middle of town and there is a clock that is counting down... basically till the end... she is running around screaming at people trying to warn them what is about to happen but no one can hear her basically.. the end is when the clock hits 0 and she stops .. the end................. i can see it so much better in my head... but hopefully this has something in it that someone can recognize.... im going crazy
  8. ok this song is in my head and i cant think of waht it is..... here is a taste "even the best fall down sometimes, even the worst words come out right........." something like that might not be exact words but its the basic idea, hit me up with some answers
  9. so i wanna know what you all think about "cold" by crossfade... what do you think of it, what do you think it means ,... anything .../ and if you havent heard it then quit being a bum and download it
  10. well i dont know exactly what your talking about but there is a song that has that line in it but i cannot think of the band right now but it goes like this never go back never go back never go ..... in the moring i can see teh signs no wonder i can never keep you satisfied well im pretty sure your not looking for that one but hay its a good song :happybanana:
  11. i freaking love that song!!!!! so anyway this guy u know loved this girl, lets say his wife, he screwed up in life and acts cold to her and her feelings.he was always thinking of himself and one day he realizes that she was everything that kept his life going and she needed to know. "I never really wanted you to go So many things you should have known I guess for me theres just no hope I never meant to be so cold" he sees that if he had been there for her and told her that she was everything then he wouldnt have lost her. and basically its a song about saying im sorry well thats my grasp on the song sorry if its worded weird but hay i hope it helps :happybanana:
  12. im sure many of you have heard teh song "my december" by linkin park. i have searched forever to find teh meaning to that song and i cant. i have my own opinion of what it could mean, but i want the actuall, official meaning.
  13. DRUMS 4-ever! but i do love listening when ppl play guitars and pianos im emo like that :guitar:
  14. holy crow you guys i cannot believe you dont know this im really disgruntled. every one besides you knows that it is "the quiet things that no one ever knows" by Brand New. now you are informed if you have any more questions about music just please ask me
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