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  1. they sing the song a "favor house atlantic" right? and yeah his voice definately reminds me of Geddy Lees...very high
  2. who in do you guys think has the best voice ever...dead or alive.. My top five are : Freddy Mercury Robert Plant Jim Morrison Roger Daltrey ..and Chris Cornell
  3. i wouldnt argue with anyone who said the guitar, or piano...but i really love playing the mandolin..just the way it sounds..and the comfort it gives you when you play it..its great
  4. kenny wayne shepard is far and above the best that we have today in my opinion.
  5. also...i personally like "danke schoen" off of Ferris Buelers Day Off
  6. Incubus' song, "aqueous transmission" off of the CD, Morning View...if so..what is the instrument that is played throughout the song..i was thinking it is a Sitar..but im not sure..appreciate the helps folks.
  7. celine dion will probably win for titanic...or whitney houston for umm the bodygaurd i think
  8. Kieth Moon, John Bonham of all time..no question..and currently i would have to say i quite enjoy hearing Dave Grohl play...
  9. Doesnt matter if the band had one big hit, or on the complete contrary, were the beatles..id like your opinion on the biggest, greatest, most effective song of all. "stairway to heaven" by Led zeppelin would be my choice..not too far ahead of "satisfaction" by the stones.
  10. I love Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground WITH Lou Reed, and I really like Pete Yorn.
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