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  1. Now thats really hard up for a name
  2. For a great taste of Stevie Ray Vaughan, pick up his first rcorded music. It was titled Steve Vaughan Live. He and Double Trouble were playing in a hotel lounge or bar and very popular in Texas (of course) A promoter talked a radio station into putting their show on the air. It was agreed that they would record the show for an hour. Of course, they played for over two but as promised, only an hour was caught. The whole show was taped but somewhere down the line was destroyed. Stevie's guitar on Tin Pan Alley will knock you to your knees. If this CD/LP doesn't do it for you, none of them will. But hey, not everyone is a Stevie Ray fan.
  3. Outstanding... this would be the song. I never made the coralation of Reagan to this song either. But, when he passed on, the song came into my head and I couldn't loose it. I was thinking Country Joe McDonald & The Fish, would never thought about The Byrds. Many Thanks...
  4. Can anyone tell me who sang the song about Ronald Reagan in the late sixties. I think the name was "Drugstore Truck Driving Man"
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