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  1. This is like "Sophie's Choice"...I can't choose between my babies! Obviously, I love almost everything. I was not all that jazzed about "Shallow Hal". It was missing the essence of Jack that makes him so wonderful. "High Fidelity" and "School of Rock" are pure genius!


    The first time I was ever aware of Jack was about 10 years ago. He made a guest appearance on "The X-Files" (God, how I loved that show). He had such a small part, but he was so hilarious. There was one part where he was looking for someone in a dark room - he looked around and said "Dude?", then he paused for what seemed like 5 minutes, then he said "Dude?" again. I know that seems lame when I write it down, but the way he said it was classic. My husband and I still imitate that to this day.

    YEA, that episode rocked,it also had that guy from the other sister. Didn't he kill jack black's character. How did it end. Who cares Jack rocks. Wasn't kyle in high fidelity too. :rockon:

  2. Listen... Jet have ripped off Iggy (be my girl) and the Beatles (look what you've done), not to mention the artwork of their albulm cover bearing a strong resemblance to Revolver... basically this band make safe, tried and true rock'n'roll... well, more tried than true... I guess their motto is: If a song's already been number one, why don't we copy it?

    I tried to tell my friends it are you gonna be my girl was a cover, but hey if you can make the money sell out.

  3. Sylvester Stalone has just signed on for a Rocky 6! Nobody knows if it will happen, but Hollywood wants it to!

    I just hope they can have epic songs like "eye of the tiger" and the

    "final countdown" in rocky 6 :rockon:

  4. if you ever need to learn a language, a great tool to use is Harry Potter. I first read it in my mothertongue, Hebrew, then arabic, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, and now i just finished the fifth in Portuguese.

    the movie was made for people that read the book; it moved VERY fast.... and skipped all the nonessentials. Cuarón made that movie very well though.

    Thanks ill think about reading some of them in spanish.

  5. ....most annoying thing you ave every heared, The beat drones on for about 10mins and never changes and most of the time that "singer" sounds like shes swinging a bag of bloody ginger cats around! My friend happens to love this "music" (if you can even call it that) and now she has this song stuck in my head by "special d" called "come with me"

    I shall give you a taste of how mindlessy(sp?) the lyrics are written....

    At the end of every week

    Each one of us becomes a freak

    Tonight the DJ makes us move

    Until the sweat drops from the roof

    It´s time to let the base beat hard

    Now we launch the louder part

    Just activate your energy

    Let´s sing this song an´ come with me.

    The speakersystem brings the sound

    And light effects are spinnin´round

    All the people on the floor

    They shake their bodies and cry for more

    Never let this feeling go

    And let the musik take control

    Forget your problems and feel free

    Enjoy this moment come with me

    Goodness gracious whats this world coming to eh?

    It all makes more sense when your tripping on speed and meth, i suppose.

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