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  1. Hi Ken, Thank you for your post. I am not sure if it is Goin Down Slow, as I only heard it once on that show I mentioned, and heard only a few words. I do remember him saying "Mama" several times. Are you sure this might be it? Are you a fan of Ray Charles? It's really awful he has died, I loved alot of his music, he was truly gifted. Anyway, tell me why you think this might be the song, did you see the show I am speaking of or are you simply familiar with all of his music? Thank you.
  2. I saw on 20/20 many years ago a story about Ray Charles. He was performing at a concert and the song he was singing was beautiful but I never heard of it before. All I remember was that it was a sad song about his mother and how he loved her so much. I sure hope someone out there knows what song this is. Email me in case I can't find my way back to this site. Thank you so much.
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