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  1. Good point. Chas Chandler was the reason he even sang and wrote. It's kinda weird because I had a tape with Jimmy Hendrix and Little Richard but threw it away 'cause I thought it was a different guy. Everyone knows it's JIMI not JIMMY. But I'm beginning to regret that.
  2. DUDE!!! listen to all of Nickelback's songs and tell me the difference other than lyrics and voice. They are not very talented
  3. I have a problem . I don't know if you guys agree or not but please let me know. Why does "THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE" always get cut off to just "JIMI HENDRIX"? :: What would he have done if he did'nt have bassist :guitar: Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell? They deserve a lot of credit. They were both very talented musicians that were playing with the most talented guitarist. Discuss. -Daniel
  4. Hendrix died Guns n' Roses lost Steven Adler
  5. 50's NO IDEA!! 60's Hendrix/The Who Woodstock 70's Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd 80's Guns n' Roses 90's NIN Nirvana 97 summer olympics 00's B.B. King and Eric Clapton converge for cd Slash and Duff together for Velvt Revolver Stones and AC/DC in Toronto Hockey Night In Canada for the Flames in the Finals
  7. All the two year old punk bands suck.Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Not By Choice posers. First off AVRIL does'nt sound on her albums as she does live, BUT her live voice is amazing. she is'nt a poser she can sing. YOU CRITICIZING CHRISTIAN MUSIC,,, GO TO HELL. NOT THAT YOU NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!!! Blink is good. Creed is very corny. Rap does'nt fall under 'MUSIC' in my books... I HATE THE NEW GUNS N' ROSES. The band with Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven are THE GODS AXL has an amazing voice but what is he doing? Buckethead under the name Guns n' Roses? CHINESE DEMOCRACY IS NOT GUNS N'ROSES!!!!!
  8. P.O.D stands for Payable On Death. There new album plain sucks. I was very disappointed. Brown and Fundamental Elements were good albums. But Satellite was amazing!!!It is one of the best albums in the last 10 years in my mind. And I'm usually not a fan of rap/rock but P.O.D. Is great. Do yourself a favor. If you're looking to get intop P.O.D. buy the Album SATELLITE . Not this new crap with the butterfly .-Peace out Daniel
  9. i'm gonna say bonham, alex van halen and Mike Portnoy
  10. I absolutely LOVE SLASH!!! but hendrix is just number 1 He basically changed the meaning of the following words:teeth electric guitar self-taught
  11. :thumbsdown:You don't know "music" GUNS N' ROSES RULE
  12. I completely agree. Have you heard the new 'Velvet Revolver'? That is some real music
  13. Stairway To Heaven is definetly NOT :thumbsdown:Led Zeppelin's song. Maybe it's 15-20
  14. SWEET CHILD O' MINE-GUNS N' ROSES!!! NNNOOO CCCOOONNNTTTEEESSSTTT!!!!!!!! U guys said 'rock' love songs. this john mayer sucks
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