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  1. I have a three way tie Bob Seger-Night Moves Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here The Beatles-Eleanor Rigby
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    I know of four artists who have played at"BUDOKAN" -Ozzy -Cheap Trick -Bob Dylan -The Rolling Stones Who else has played there? ANd what is it? A huge stadium where everything is recorded? HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAhAHAhA
  3. Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child Just Kidding :bow:VOODOO CHILD :guitar: Columbia-Oasis. man that's bad
  4. that would be Avril Lavigne's Happy Ending. I HATE THAT SONG
  5. I have Dark Side Of The Moon On Record and I own Echoes (they're greatest hits) Does Master Of Puppets Suck? I have only heard 2 songs and I liked 'em, but I supppose the rest could suck. Thanks Scott I will remember that order
  6. only the #1 for the Beatles, They are EXPENSIVE along with Zeppelin's any other suggestions
  7. Did anyone ever hear of Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan? I was listening to YAHOO LAUNCHcast RADIO and it came on. It reminded me a lot of Pink Floyd's instrumentals. Needless to say, it was excellent. Anyone?
  8. As follows is a list of albums that I plan on buying. Any others that you guys think I should get? Now remember, I am 13 years old and I'm not made of money, so greatest hits albums are better unless the album is really great(you guys could always mail me money or cd's just kidding) 1.Van Halen-1984 2.Pink Floyd-Pulse 3.Led Zeppelin-Latter Days 4.Velvet Revolver-Contraband 5.The Who-Then And Now 6.stone Temple pilots-Thank You 7.The Doors-Greatest Hits 8.Def Leppard-Greatest Hits 9.Audioslave-Audioslave 10.Slash?s Snakepit-Ain?t Life Grand 11.Dream Theater-Train of Thought 12.Moist-Silver 13.Steve Vai-Best Of 14.Cream-Greatest Hits 15.Black Sabbath-We Sold Our Soul For Rock n? Roll 16.The Beatles-Sgt. Peppers lonely Hearts Club Band 17.Ozzy Osbourne-Blizzard Of Ozz 18.Metallica-Ride The Lightning 19.Metallica-Master Of Puppets 20.Van Halen-Van Halen 21.Led Zeppelin-How The West Was Won 22.Slash?s Snakepit-It?s 5 O?clock Somewhere 23.The White Stripes-White Blood Cells 24.U2-1980-1990 25.Poison-Greatest Hits 26.Poison-Best Of Ballads And Blues 27.Joe Satriani-Electric Joe Satriani(an anthology) 28.Rush-The Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987 29.Lynyrd Skynyrd-Greatest Hits 30.Janis Joplin-Greatest Hits 31.April Wine-Greatest Hits 32.Nirvana-In Utero THANX ALL
  9. I definetly get what you're saying scott. Kind of like if you see an interview, or read a book on a band, or read a biographie. You feel almost like you .....know the band even though you've never met or chatted with them. Even though half of the Kurt Cobain story would be because he was suicidal. I get what you mean about the charisma too. Passion for the music and putting on a great show. Kiss for example probably were not as talented as a lot of bands from that time, but the make-up, the power-suits, the blood and gene simmons toungue.That DEFINETLY has an impact on the popularity.
  10. GREAT POST MIKE!! C'mon ppl wake up this is a very important post start answering :: :: ::
  11. See N*Sync can never be considered rock IMO. Linkin Park.....maybe. They really aren't that good though
  12. O CANADA! There are a lot of great bands from here. Recently at Granville Green-THE BIGGEST OUTDOOR CONCERT SERIES IN NORTH AMERICA in my town!!!!The beautiful 4,000 person Port Hawkesbury Nova Scotia I saw Chiliwak,obviously from Chiliwak out west, and they've been around since the 70's and they are still rockin'. Obviously Rush is a fantastic band. The Band are wonderful as Annabelle pointed out. uh The Bare Naked Ladies are great. The Tragically Hip. APRIL WINE. I'm gonna say my fav is.........Who else? NEIL YOUNG baby :guitar:
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    Band Names

    That is an absolutely wonderfulsaying
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    Band Names

    Umm just a little pointer, i think I would rather singing than wailing in music. If everything was wailing, where would the songs you can go to sleep to be? Clapton's music is B-E-A-utiful
  15. Yeah Dark Side Of The Moon is my #1 ever
  16. hey man this is SONGFACTS.COM look it up
  17. This topic was made yesterday. Check it out
  18. My question to you is why do you not like Led Zeppelin? To answer your question, in the old days before I was born, it was talent. It's kida ironic but Led Zeppelin is a perfect example. Robert Plant=AMAZING VOCALIST stairway and immigrant are amazing vocals in them but sound nothing alike.amazing Jimmy Page=Top 10 guitarist all-time IMO John Paul Jones=Good Bassist John Bonham= IMO far and away the best drummer all-time Nowadays, a woman's body will make them rich. Popular opinion will make a band too, not necessarily what one person likes, but what the cool group leader likes....at least thats how it is whn you are 13, maybe not 20-40.......
  19. That's odd. I like Liam Gallaghers voice. That's Oasis right
  20. I'd say Audioslave. Velvet Revolver maybe
  21. true, i am not ALL that familiar with In Utero so I suppose it is as you say. You are the Nirvana FREAK
  22. I agree completely. but it's just a bit ......weird. At least when your friends listen to Linkin Park, Billy Talent etc. Screaming rock
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