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  1. I was pretty proud of myself.
  2. If you would put up a t-shirt on that I would buy it . I'll probably buy the boxer's too but first, I weigh like 90 pounds and I'm like 5 foot. No jokes please. WILL THEY FIT? EDIT:Sorry, I didnt see the size chart
  3. Yeah........they have been HUGE for like 6 years
  4. judging by the facts that their web-site is geocities and the dude is holding a razor like a weapon. Requesting a free cd called F*** Work and giving them your address might be great. what's to lose?
  5. That is something I definetly have to disagree with. To tell you the truth, I definetly like how life is going now. And, in all honesty, I am like one of three people in my school (grades 1-8) that listen to old stuff....OTHER than AC/DC. Other than the music, I don't think I like anything else from "back in the day". I mean long hair is cool. I had it to my shoulder's but MAN it annoyed me!! Old cars are nice too, but I'd rather a 2005.
  6. Sorry if it came out that way. I did'nt men that youmade it. I was just referring to you because you made the post. Sorry ::
  7. That's what I liked aboit it. I LOVE Satriani but nobady knows of him. I also agree wih the Nirvana thing
  8. Not a bad list. Not my preferance but it is pretty good top 100 guitar solos as voted by Guitar World Readers
  9. That is pretty frickin bad batman. How Clapton or Page could ever be considered bad soloists is beyond me................
  10. 90's-2004. Although I would say that the past 3-4 months has been better, at least on tv and the radio.
  11. Well, I can tolerate most genres. I actually like Johnny Cash, and that counts as country. But any country other than that is too much. rap.....I can stand Run DMC but that's it.
  12. Good thread but I have to disagree with the fact that self-taught guitarists are better. What about Steve Vai? Given he was taught by Joe Satriani, but still, he is better than most. Now that I have started listening to him he would have to be in my top 10 best guitarists. And the fact that what you like is the best, I would have to argue again. IMO, Jimi Hendrix was the most talented guitarist EVER. BUT, I prefer Eric Clapton, not because of talent, but because I prefer his style. Hendrix blows me away by what he can do though.
  13. Did anyone ever notice that in virtually every song, on VH1 and VH2 that there are women singing in the background? Not that its bad but did anyone ever notice? Who are they?
  14. 'Sweet Child o' Mine' by Guns N' Roses Is ESSENTIAL
  15. I'm Sorry for what I put here, I was an immature tapole at the time I wrote that. Avril sucks.
  16. Have you heard any of live's old stuff? It's much much better than this new song *Heaven* and that shiat
  17. agreed. "It's A Beautiful Day' Those boy bands Nsync, Backstreet boys etc. New *pUnK*-Blink, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan etc. The only ones with really any good music and talent are probably Sum 41 and Treble Charger. And I suppose underground stuff I havent heard
  18. My god! I think you have just opened my mind. i think I would probably choose Some Mozart. I don't HATE IT but I would never listen to it if I had my way!
  19. That is the GREATEST accordion EVER hahahaha. Who plays it ? a band member or another guy like Clare Torry or Dick Parry sing and sax on DSOTM
  20. yeah uhh. im not a fan, but didnt they like just come out with a cd?
  21. That is an awesome list. That scream of Roger Daltrey's is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!
  22. II has my vote....narrowly over IV and Houses Of The Holy
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