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  1. You know CD, you almost had it. Clam Down Chowder! Slow Down Sailor Don't Spaz Taz As you can probably see, I can really get on peoples NERVES sometimes
  2. My dad likes jazz the most... not my favorite, but I have his old records... He has Dark Side Of The Moon, Bob Seger, The Who, The Beatles. Lots of good stuff. Also loves blues. NEIL YOUNG RULES ( he likes him too)
  3. New one! Pink Floyd....simpsons style
  4. Sorry but I DO NOT RECALL A GIRL BEING PAYED 10 DOLLARS FOR WASHING HER CAR! only me!! It's kindof an allowance with 1 condition. By the way CD,how many girls names are DANIEL?
  5. Once, when he won the Best Singer award he was quoted as saying "Only in Canada can a bad singer win best singer". He is a WONDERFUL songwriter though, I agree with Muzik
  6. Dick Parry, a saxophonist who appears on several Pink Floyd tracks including Money. Has he ever had a solo career and if so, where can I hear some of his stuff? I LOVE his style
  7. A friend Of mine saw Pete Best in concert and after the show asked him why he split. His answer "We were'nt getting along well at the time" I've also read that when Best was sick, Ringo would step in. They grew to like Ringo more than Pete...... so they fired him.
  8. My dad loves him so I have- Greatest Hits -Leonard Cohen Live and a few others.
  9. Dude I'm thirteen and as for money, I wash my car for ten bucks every week(Kindof an allowance but I have to wash the car). I cannot buy them all
  10. Well I'm Canadian and proud of it! I know my Geography too.
  11. Anybody like? I love his music. GREAT songwriter and he has a very soothing voice.
  12. What is the best Dream Theater album? What Is The Best Roxy Music album?
  13. True. The gods do not include malmsteen.
  14. So if you buy an ipod...you get 18 months and then your done ...you have to buy a new one.
  15. Agreed. The only good albums they have are Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning. And they aren't even that good.
  16. You see Batman, Malmsteen can't really be overrated if hardly anyone has heard of him........ I like his music. Nirvana....actually, more or less just Kurt Cobain. Grunge in general(I like most of it... but it's not the best.)
  17. Well I think I'm a two.....yay. But you know, when I look back on my posts from my 1st to my 75th, I was a retard. So i guess I deserve it. Sorry to everyone I mde fun of/hated their OPINIONS over the days.
  18. Well maybe I dislike it because of the performances I've seen, They "couldn't"
  19. Well, it's on the Abbey Road E.P. album and that was '88.... Not sure. Coulda been either, Slovak was a wicked guitarist too.
  20. Have you ever heard Fire-RHCP? COVER OF JIMI HENDRIX!!! And Frusciante did the solos too! :guitar:
  21. You probably should go to the site of wherever they are playing in New York. It's Sunday though, o wait till tomorrow. Actually....the ones for Halifax only went on sale yesterday and they play New York way after Halifax. So they probably are'nt on sale yet!
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