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  1. Yesterday i found my dad's copy of "America's greatest Hits " On record
  2. Please help me out. Does anybody know any way to take scratches off a cd? My Hendrix cd screwed up right at the best song.
  3. Sam Roberts is definetly one of the best right now
  4. They sound great. Maybe if I find any of their cd's for cheap over here I think I'll buy it
  5. Oh crap. The Closest R.E.M. are getting to me is Montreal....just like Rush.....and Yes. OH THE AGONY
  6. Marc dude. You've seen Neil Young. Sweeeeeeeeeet
  7. You are welcome in my home. If they come to Port Hawkesbury!hahahaha
  8. What about Pink Floyd's "the wall"? Is it good?
  9. I got a new computer so it worked but thanks anyway cosmo
  10. I remember last year, I was pumped for the new P.O.D. cd to come out and it was a piece of shat. So I lost faith in newer music and moved on to Classic Rock. Which always has surprises in store.
  11. OKAY... The Hotter the color, the more I like them 60's: Beatles The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Rolling Stones 70's: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin Rush 80's: AC/DC Guns n' Roses 90's: Nirvana Red Hot Chili peppers(more 80's but I needed a nineties band) 00's Audioslave, New British bands like Franz Killers
  12. The guitar of Pink Floyd is AMAZING. By "The best of lour time" I meant like in the past 10 years. David Gilmour still rules though
  13. I'm definetly going to try it out
  14. One thing Annabelle. You haveEric Clapton down as 90's. That surprises me. His best IMO was 70's and Cream
  15. You are great. That was very Original. something lacking a bit these days
  16. I'm Daniel for those who haven't figured it out yet, It's Danielj because my second name is a J...John.
  17. Danielj

    Ozzfest '04

    Ozzy Osbourne has been sober and drugless since the release of 1991's "No More Tears".
  18. Well I'm seeing as close to the real Pink Floyd you can get September 30th. The Australian tribute band.they must be good. David Gilmour has seen them three times(The real one not our friend here who loves Family Guy
  19. Sgt.Peppers of course-The Beatles I've always preferred Crime Of The Century
  20. He's sloppy at guitar. he can move fast but a lot of his notes are either missed or wrong
  21. Steve Vai rules. Best guitasrist in our time. He and Joe Satriani
  22. It won't work. I want it, but when I click the link to get the free one it says MSOE.DLL can't be loaded. Help me please someone!
  23. My aunt and Uncle live there. Out in the retirement place with the golf course
  24. Same here P.S. I'm going to Alliston next summer ::
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