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  1. I dislike most rap too, but I like K-OS, Wyclef Jean, N.W.A. Public Enemy, Run DMC. I dislike most heavy metal as well, but I can appreciate some songs by Metallica, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society. I dislike most punk, but I really enjoy the Ramones, Some Sex Pistols, Stooges, Clash, and a song here and there by punk/emo bands like Panic! at the disco, senses fail, thrice. I suppose you could call some of them hard rock.........
  2. Nowhere With You by Plaskett in Zellers. . . . Wouldnt going nowhere mean. . . not being in Zellers?
  3. hi everyone, I'm Dan. Please welcome my ridiculous opinions and outrageously vulgar arguments, I'm young and my mind hasyet to be molded. i thought maybe you songfactors might be able to mold my mind.
  4. How did you like Broken Social Scene? I like their studio work, but I saw a performance live on tv and it was horrible. How were they there?
  5. I think the chorus he is just saying I wanna know who said rock roll is dead and then justifies it with the lyrics of the song (taken from other rock songs)
  6. Just cause you dont like it doesnt mean its crap, actually judging by what youve said so far, its probably the opposite. You're obviously wrong if an entire board of intelligent people disagree with you, so just put your ego aside, and dont bother coming here anymore.
  7. This is a song by Aaron MacDonald Band that is written completely with the titles of rock songs. I'm trying to compile a list of songs and the artists of that song , and I need help. Here Are the lyrics: Excuse Me Mr. I wanna touch your sexy body Excuse me Mr. Are you goin my way When i came upon a boardhouse lookin for a place to stay With an old laughing lady with so much to say Lord I'm comin home to you, walkin on the sun I'm like the doodah man at the hundreth meridian CHORUS: Who Said Rock 'n Roll Is Dead I Wanna Know Who Said Rock 'n Roll Is Dead Sitting in a railway
  8. I'm pretty sure it was '99 and was probably during the campaign or maybe even before and it was just obvious who the two frontrunners were.
  9. "More for Gore or the son of a drug lord None of the above f**k it cut the cord"
  10. Yeah my mom loves Islands In the Sun, we played that at a show anbd she flipeed hahahaha
  11. I can name 100 good bands/artistrs around since 2000! You're just pre-judging by top 40 material. I would say music today is just as solid as it was in the 60's and 70's. And when you slated Death Cab as Power Pop, could you not call the Beatles the same thing? And I can only see things improving from now on. In High Schools nowadays (At least where I go) it is not cool to like Top 40 stuff anymore. If a girl likes Britney Spears, she will be shunned. If a guy likes Justin Timberlake, he will be beat up. Pop Punk like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte is for losers. The bands that are
  12. Hard Country. . . . that's a new one.
  13. As I stated in ALbum Reviews, if ANYONE WENT THERE (It's improved slightly since my last bashing) they would know that I feel that Rage Against The Machine was the 90's Bob Dylan, only a little more outrageous and direct.
  14. I agree with Peachy. Now I have to find that album!
  15. I can't help but like that damn Panic! at the disco band. They're soooo catchyyyy gah!.
  16. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE I listened to this album after Dylan's Freewheelin'. The contrast was night and day musically. One acoustic guitar chording and his trademark vocals, compared to Heavy Single Note Riffs and rap. But it was refreshing. And although RAGE is much more graphic and violent, I thought "These are two artists (Dylan and Zack de la Rocha) have essentially the same ideas. They sing protest songs, Rage goes into detail politically, and Dylan doesn't but both their points get across. Their metaphors are beautifully crafted, and really punch their points. Two albums that I love
  17. You're having a hey-day arentcha Peachy
  18. Waterloo Sunset is one of The Kinks very best, but I have a live solo acoustic version by elliott smith, and it is amazing.
  19. I wouldn't really call Bono "this generation' anyways.
  20. Can't stand very much of it. . . I can listen to Led Zeppelin's metal songs because they keep it interesting, AND I know they have another side. I'll also hear a song now and then that will spark my interst, but not usually. . . It's not for me.
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