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  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar is hot! If thats who Sarah Michelle is...She was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  2. Well, Ive only had my guitar for 2 weeks, but I can Play: Riffs Iron Man Seven Nation Army Smoke On The Water Sunshine Of Your Love Money Foxey Lady Roadhouse Blues Love me Two Times And I can play the entire Eight Days A Week Superstition. By riffs, I mean intro, and short ones at that.
  3. My dad 'dragged' me to the Australian Pink Floyd Show. To think I had to miss an entire day of school for that ::
  4. too bad she wasnt turned around in that pic....and the guy with the pink tie could leave.
  5. My dad likes Van Morrison, and mostly Jazz.
  6. Girls girls girls ]Theyre strange a lot of the time. I will go to a danse and like before that day in school they would br friendly and all that and at a danse theyre all like ........ different............. And then you think theyre giving hints and they might not be and then they might be and you dont catch on and............
  7. Man thats like 2 posts in a row weve said the same thing. Great minds think alike eh Jill.
  8. He is the coolest guy ive ever seen Sue. Incubus does really rule huh. Mike Enzinger
  9. Well 50 Cent got SHOT NINE TIMES so hes awesome :laughing:
  10. I think thats like one of the best, at least from the people on this forum.
  11. Ive also got a clan of gingerbread men.
  12. Space Oddity is a damn good song cosmo. No way does it beat out Wish You Were Here or Shine on You Crazy Diamond.
  13. I love the one in Lithium by Krist Novoselic of Nirvana.
  14. I agree with Scott, Anthony Kiedes can sing. And he looks like the best Canadian B-Baller ever! Steve Nash
  15. I can definetly see David Bowie doing a lot of songs from Syd era. Space Oddity even sounds a bit Floydish.
  16. ENTROPY Theres no way thatl hapopen though, theyre too good for mainstresm :beady:
  17. That ones not so good their hits suck actually.
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