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  1. I am finding it fun to download covers by certain artists, and i have just compiled a cd of Neil Young/Pink Floyd covers. I had to leave out some good ones, but oh well. See Emily Play-David Bowie Cinnamon Girl-Radiohead Have A Cigar-The Who Rockin' The Free World-Van Halen Comfortably Numb-Tool Old Man-HIM Wish You Were HEre-Wyclef Jean Heart OF Gold-Stereophonics Money-VElvet Revolver After The Goldrush-Flaming Lips HAve A Cigar-Primus Southern MAn-U2 Breath-Blind Melon & Pearl JAm Ohio-Ween Wish You Were Here-Radiohead Hey Hey, My My-Oasis Lucifer Sam-Love And Rockets Winterlong-The Pixies Harvest Moon-Elliot Smith 2 that I had to leave out were Wish You Were Here-Grateful Dead and Echoes by Ween because theyre both too long. Its good.
  2. I was happy Alicia Keys won the album thing. She is much better than most black female women in the recording industry....*music*
  3. Wow thats one of the best ive read here. Very Powerful. I like the second stanza.
  4. A Streak Of Deep Blood Red Appears Across The Sky It Trickles Down Into The Ground That Streak Of Deep Red Blood Chorus: Who Know What Could Happen When The Good Lord Drips Of Blood Who Knows What Could Happen When The Good Lord Sheds A Tear A Drop Of Rainwater Falls Down From The Sky Salty As It Evaporates That teardrop From Above Chorus A Sonicboom Is Heard From Far Above The Earth Deafening To Me Isd That Scream from He Himself. I worked out some chords for it and some of it sounds a bit like 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins, it's kinda cool.
  5. Oh man this is good, I put it to an 8-Bar Blues Reggaeish Riff This should be a hit at the variety show ::
  6. Thank You Very Much. Do you like Joe Satriani? Thats the best album IMO
  7. He looks good for his age, and the drugs.
  8. I am glad the Chilis released a few Greatest because I cant find any of their early cds, but Ten Best covers most of them...even though theres only 10 songs................................................
  9. Theres a new avvy, Jimi Hendrix would be his influence.
  10. Dual lead guitarists, I would have to put Keith Richards and Mick Taylor.
  11. Neil Peart is without a doubt the best ever. Man, hes a good singer, I dont know wy everyone says that.
  12. Danielj


    I like them, they arent too bad.
  13. Old Fogey Bands huh? My I trust your musical judgement.
  14. Top Bands Of The New Millenium The Killers Audioslave Franz Ferdinand Velvet Revolver The White Stripes David Usher (dunno if he was around before but his new stuff rules)
  15. Buffalo Springfield Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young-Their albm Deja Vu is a must have.
  16. I knew this would be a controversial song/thread ::
  17. I like him a lot, there is no me dissing him. Its just that JIm Morrison is better.
  18. IUm not talking about metal being crappy ok. No im not putting a labe on all of them. I am putting a label on the ones who think only heavy stuff is good and like bands that can't play shart. The bands i am talking about that would cause the most ......unpleasentries here are AC/DC and Metallica after the 80's. I like Sabbath and Zep and Deep Purple and goodies like that.
  19. Oh well, hell make the money from Velvet Revolver I guarantee that.
  20. I was reading The Ultimate Woodstock and thought we should make one for 2005, only bands who are still around/new. 1.Audioslave 2.Velvet Revolver (Hopefully playing All G 'n' R songs and Plush. 3.The White Stripes 4.Feeder 5.Manic Street Preachers 6.Incubus 7.Marillion 8.The Killers 9.U2 10.Muse 11.The Tragically Hip 12.David Usher 13.Red Hot Chili Peppers 14.The Pixies And if Cream really returns they of Course will headline.
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