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  1. I want to save the Earth, but this is written on a piece of paper. Blue ink between blue lines, that's all I need To think freely I love climbing trees, and I don't want to cut them down But the axe is all that keeps money in this town now I don't want to carve stone 'cause that stays forever Don't want to draw in sand 'cause that's kicked away Don't want to burn wood 'cause I'll burn my finger A feather and inkwell are all I need to say what I have to say... I'll bike instead of drive and eat local vegetables All in the name of keeping Antarctica cold... for the penguins Bu
  2. Jacob's Dream - Alison Krauss. Atmospheric man.
  3. Hey all. it's been a while. If you like, check these two solo guitar pieces of mine out. Nothing fancy on the site, just the mp3s available for streaming and enjoyment. Recorded at the push of a button and some unnecessary fiddling at the radio station I work at. www.purevolume.com/danielgillis Please let me know what you think.
  4. Did she play any of her acoustic stuff?
  5. This album is a fantastic surprise. I really thought Plant was done. I heard Gone Gone Gone on MUCHMUSIC of all things (Canada's MTV). I was blown away. Their voices compliment each other perfectly. They trade between melody and harmony effortlessly. You still get those famous Robert Plant wails, and a TIGHT band. Great album!
  6. Lately I have seen Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau David Francey Andrew White All incredivble concerts, but Pat Metheny has to be the greatest musical genius ever to walk the earth
  7. Band/Artist:Michael Hedges Song: Aerial Boundaries
  8. I'm looking for everyones favorite music to listen to while studying, or writing an essay, or anything that requires concentration. Please help!
  9. In the court of the crimson KIIIINGGGGGG I think the album is fantastic, everything about it is great. Robert Fripp is a genius.
  10. His shoulder is damp with blood His feet soaked from the snow There's a fire to warm him up just 2 miles away But the fire in his heart is down to coals already And he's a peacekeeper with the safety off. He's a little mouse in a cobra's cage. He's a small light in a sea of white. Forced to be a martyr but he'll put up a fight He's got a .22 in his pocket holster A Swiss Army shoved down his boot His best friend is hangin from his shoulder He's got his M16 locked and ready to shoot And he's a peacekeeper with the safety off. He's a little mouse in a cobra's cage. He's a sma
  11. There's a riot of color in my mind You catalysed it with your eyes I used to see in black and white But now I see the red lipstick from our last 'goodnight' I've got a tattoo on the back of my hand That says "You've got to do more than the best you can" That's a paradox, and it's just for you They make me feel as if I have a clue Then a flame's triggered inside me And then you flicker beside me I need someone to guide me Because I just don't know the way You've started exuding everything that I hate It's all just superficial what you contemplate today I bet you wish your li
  12. I thought the entire Eagles tribute was awful. The Rascal Flatts singer is horrible! Underwood wasn't too bad, but the guy from the Rascal Flatts simply was not up to par. James Blunt was pretty crappy as well. I thought the best performance was the medley of Corrinne Bailey Rae, John Legend and John Mayer.
  13. Straight outta Port Hawkesbury (Pop. 4000) Bobby Cameron (Long John Baldry called him the best new blues guitarist out there or something) www.myspace.com/bobbycameron Soup Once won an award for best young band in Canada www.myspace.com/soupband
  14. Tommy Emmanuel!! That's what I'm talking about, the man can do more with one acoustic than 3 other of the "top" guitarists can together
  15. Violent Femmes, Muse, Killers, Vines, TOOL, should be a really good time!!!
  16. The essence of rock, jazz, blues, and many other genres of music is the JAM! My favorite part of music, is just getting a groove going and playing what fits. At school we have coffee houses where people and their bands can play. Me and a couple other guys just get up and play whatever songs we know, and jam them out. Problem is, we're burning ou the song quickly, so we need ideas. For those of you who don't know, a jamming on a song (I know the word is clichéd, but it really is correct) is just taking it and improvising over the chord progression, really a lot of fun, spontaneous soloing.
  17. MTV Mighta been good back in the day, I couldn't tell you, but they now have shows that seriously have NOTHING to do with music. First they went from all music, then to shows that feature some musicians, and now none. Date MY Mom, Room Raiders . . . What is that. but Pimp My Ride and Cribs I am down with, those shows are sweet
  18. Of course it is! If you come across a bad one, throw it out, but there is no limit to the number of great albums you can own.
  19. 1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Barra McNeils 2. White Christmas - Bing Crosby 3. Silver Bells - Oscar Peterson 4. Elf's Lament - Barenaked Ladies 5. River - Joni Mitchell 6. Do You hear What I Hear - Bing Crosby 7. Auld Lang Syne - ANYONE 8. Deck The Stills - Barenaked Ladies 9. Merry Christmas (I don't Wanna Fight) - Ramones 10. Fairytale of New York - Pogues
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