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    jazz discussion thread

    No order, Secret Story - Pat Metheny Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis Guitar Jazz - George Benson American Garage - Pat Metheny The Incredible Jazz Guitar - Wes Montgomery Hot Rats - Frank Zappa (I consider it a jazz album, not in the traditional sense, but a jazz album none the less) Industrial Zen - John MacLaughlin Bright Size Life - Pat Metheny Solo Flight - Charlie Christian Que Alegria - John MacLaughlin Obviously I like guitar Jazz, and usually rockin jazz. But I definetly appreciate composers like Davis, Parker, etc, just am not as amazed.
  2. Danielj

    Comedic Songs

    Ultimate Comedy Song -Carrot Juice Is Murder - Arrogant Worms Listen up, brothers and sisters Come hear my desperate tale I speak of our friends of nature Trapped in the dirt like a jail / G D Em / C D G / : Vegetables live in oppression Served on our tables each night This killing of veggies is madness I say we take up the fight Salads are only for murderers Cole slaw's a fascist regime Don't think that they don't have feelings Just 'cause a radish can't scream / D - G / / / C - D / {Refrain} I've heard the screams of the vegetables, scream scream scream Watching their skins being peeled, having their insides revealed Grated and steamed with no mercy, burning off calories How do you think that feels, bet it hurts really bad Carrot juice constitutes murder, and that's a real crime Greenhouses prisons for slaves, let my vegetables grow It's time to stop all this gardening, it's dirty as hell Let's call a spade a spade, it's a spade it's a spade it's a spade / G D Em - / C G D - / 1st / C D G - / : I saw a man eating celery So I beat him black and blue If he ever touches a sprout again I'll bite him clean in two I'm a political prisoner Trapped in a windowless cage 'Cause I stopped the slaughter of turnips By killing five men in a rage I told the judge when he sentenced me "This is my finest hour I'll kill those farmers again Just to save one more cauliflower" {Refrain} How low as people do we dare to stoop Making young broccolis bleed in the soup Untie your beans, uncage your tomatoes Set potted plants free, don't mash that potato, ah / Am - Em - / C - G - / 1st / C - D - / I've heard the screams of the vegetables scream scream scream Watching their skins being peeled fates in the stir fry are sealed Grated and steamed with no mercy you fat gourmet scum How do you think that feels leave them out in the fields Carrot juice constitutes murder V8's genocide Greenhouses prisons for slaves yes your compost's a grave It's time to stop all this gardening take up macramé Let's call a spade a spade it's a spade it's a spade it's a spade
  3. Well, this is a show started by Montley Crue's Tommy Lee, Guns N' Roses Gilby Clarke and Metallicas Jason Newstead. All other than Tommy Lee being their band's rejects need I mention. They want to find a singer for the band. So they have an American Idol style auditions, and votes. Hosted by Dave Navarro and some chick (:PI dont remember her name). The band is going to be absolutely horrible, but some of the singers are good, so it's entertaining.
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    ROCKSTAR: Supernova

    Jason Newsted seems weird man. He was wearin emo gloves!
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    Cotton Eyed Joe

    Any chance of us getting a songfacts page for cotton eyed joe, theres a lot of history in the song before the rednecks or whoever they were 'technofized' it. Yes I made that word up.
  6. Tracklist: 1. Oppression 2. Ground On Down 3. Another Lonely Day 4. Please Me Like You Want To 5. Gold To Me 6. Burn One Down 7. Excuse Me Mr. 8. People Lead 9. Fight For Your Mind 10. Give A Man A Home 11. By My Side 12. Power Of The Gospel 13. God Fearing Man 14. One Road To Freedom If anyone has ever heard anything by Ben harper, you'll know that he is pleasing to listen to. And on this album he perfects the mix of styles in his music, such as soul, gospel, reggae, rock, folk, blues. Each song is distinguishable from every other, and they all bring something different to the table, and combine for a great listen. What I love about this album is that you can listen to it in virtually any situation. Ben takes some stabs at politics in "People Lead" and "Excuse Me Mr.", and some very upbeat and happy songs, like "Gold To Me". This album really shows Ben's vocal range, hitting very low notes in Another Lonely Day, and hitting high nots in others. Also, there is a lot of slide guitar, one of his talents, and he really manages to fit into songs very well. Basically, this album isn't some mind blowing instrumental album, nor epic, but if you are looking for just a solid listen while doing almost anything, this album is right for you.
  7. Danielj

    Headphones vs surround sound

    It really depends what the album is, but since my earphones are really expensive ( for my guitar ) and my computer speakers suck, it's gotta be the earphones. Good topic, I was thinking of it lately
  8. Danielj

    Top 25 Bands

    Not a great list.
  9. Danielj

    Progressive Rock

    Malakin got here before me. MARILLION = BEST BAND EVER much less just prog band
  10. Danielj

    Genres You Hate, Songs You Love

    I dislike most rap too, but I like K-OS, Wyclef Jean, N.W.A. Public Enemy, Run DMC. I dislike most heavy metal as well, but I can appreciate some songs by Metallica, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society. I dislike most punk, but I really enjoy the Ramones, Some Sex Pistols, Stooges, Clash, and a song here and there by punk/emo bands like Panic! at the disco, senses fail, thrice. I suppose you could call some of them hard rock.........
  11. Danielj

    Songs mis-used in commercials

    Nowhere With You by Plaskett in Zellers. . . . Wouldnt going nowhere mean. . . not being in Zellers?
  12. Danielj

    Introduce and Frapper Map yourself here

    hi everyone, I'm Dan. Please welcome my ridiculous opinions and outrageously vulgar arguments, I'm young and my mind hasyet to be molded. i thought maybe you songfactors might be able to mold my mind.
  13. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE I listened to this album after Dylan's Freewheelin'. The contrast was night and day musically. One acoustic guitar chording and his trademark vocals, compared to Heavy Single Note Riffs and rap. But it was refreshing. And although RAGE is much more graphic and violent, I thought "These are two artists (Dylan and Zack de la Rocha) have essentially the same ideas. They sing protest songs, Rage goes into detail politically, and Dylan doesn't but both their points get across. Their metaphors are beautifully crafted, and really punch their points. Two albums that I love, released 30 years apart, but that still hold the same concepts. One for the relaxed side of my soul, and one for the angry, wide awake side. It starts off with A heavy song Testify with intense lyrics about the media blowing things out of proportion and getting things wrong and proclaiming it to the world. Then goes onto the hit of the album Guerilla radio with fantastic instrumental performances, and an inspired rap about the 2000 election. talks about Gore and Bush. As the album goes on I hear the viciousness and passion in de la Rocha's voice in songs like Born as Ghosts, and Calm Like A Bomb. The band is very politically aware, and to fully understand what they are talking about you need to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject. But what impresses me, is that even before understanding it fully (With the help of Songfacts ) I can feel what he's talking about and agree with him. On top of all of these radical lyrics and opinions is also a great hard rock record. Tom Morello never ceases to amaze me. One of the top and most influential guitarists of late, he goes places with the riffs I would certainly never think of going in that type of riff, but it leaves me going wow. I know that if ever I am in the mood for something to get my anger out, or just to rock out to, this is my #1 album. Hard Rock at it's finest.
  14. Danielj

    Rock 'n Roll Is Dead

    This is a song by Aaron MacDonald Band that is written completely with the titles of rock songs. I'm trying to compile a list of songs and the artists of that song , and I need help. Here Are the lyrics: Excuse Me Mr. I wanna touch your sexy body Excuse me Mr. Are you goin my way When i came upon a boardhouse lookin for a place to stay With an old laughing lady with so much to say Lord I'm comin home to you, walkin on the sun I'm like the doodah man at the hundreth meridian CHORUS: Who Said Rock 'n Roll Is Dead I Wanna Know Who Said Rock 'n Roll Is Dead Sitting in a railway station, just diggin a hole Step lightly from the ledge baby, say hello to mr. Soul For The wind is in from Africa and the water tasted like wine Well Everybody knows you went your way And I stayed behind I'm gonna cut my head now cause tuesdays gone It's too much this magic bus and this redemption song CHORUS Hey Joe, Got Me Some Trouble She believes that the world is a bubble She says everyday's a winding road, but I've got this ocean pearl But Joe you be my begging baby I'll be your north country girl But Joe was taught a month ago about Lucy In The Sky Stood up and laughed, no woman no pride CHORUS Well down at the roadhouse I've been recently You get your money for nothing baby, and your ticks for free Sweet Jane is in the corner screaming yes I am She went from hank to hendrix can't find a better man She sees daddy with taxi buses and US guards all around Look out mama here's your 19th nervous breakdown CHORUS Going down hannibal, give a dog a bone Well its the doctor of philosophy, he says I'm Alone, I'm alone , I'm alone He says I got a fast car, now what would you say She can rattle my hum, shes crawled she (????) I aint got no shoes, so lets keep truckin out of sight, Don't think twice baby cause tonight is the night. CHORUS Some of the lyrics are definetly wrong, so if someone can figure it out, or ... legally download it, make your changes
  15. Danielj

    Concerts You've Attended

    How did you like Broken Social Scene? I like their studio work, but I saw a performance live on tv and it was horrible. How were they there?
  16. Danielj

    Rock 'n Roll Is Dead

    I think the chorus he is just saying I wanna know who said rock roll is dead and then justifies it with the lyrics of the song (taken from other rock songs)
  17. Danielj

    same band- different incarnations??

    Just cause you dont like it doesnt mean its crap, actually judging by what youve said so far, its probably the opposite. You're obviously wrong if an entire board of intelligent people disagree with you, so just put your ego aside, and dont bother coming here anymore.
  18. I'm pretty sure it was '99 and was probably during the campaign or maybe even before and it was just obvious who the two frontrunners were.
  19. "More for Gore or the son of a drug lord None of the above f**k it cut the cord"
  20. Danielj

    Stipe - Thom Yorke goes where everybody knows his name.

  21. Danielj

    same band- different incarnations??

    Yeah my mom loves Islands In the Sun, we played that at a show anbd she flipeed hahahaha
  22. Danielj

    same band- different incarnations??

    I can name 100 good bands/artistrs around since 2000! You're just pre-judging by top 40 material. I would say music today is just as solid as it was in the 60's and 70's. And when you slated Death Cab as Power Pop, could you not call the Beatles the same thing? And I can only see things improving from now on. In High Schools nowadays (At least where I go) it is not cool to like Top 40 stuff anymore. If a girl likes Britney Spears, she will be shunned. If a guy likes Justin Timberlake, he will be beat up. Pop Punk like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte is for losers. The bands that are forming nowadays will be influenced by serious musicians, Led Zeppelin etc. And those who delve deep (like myself) gain influences like jazz, blues, folk and will mature into a complete musician. Kids nowadays will have the complete picture. You browse MySpace, you can find solid songs and bands almost anywhere you go. I myself am excited for the development of music, and I kick myself for being stuck in the 70's box I was in for about a year, because there is SO much more out there.
  23. Danielj

    Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

    Hard Country. . . . that's a new one.
  24. Danielj

    MTV Video Music Awards 2006

    Oh guilty Pleasures