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  1. ! ! SARA I LOVE YOU! I could have sworn it was earlier in the 90's than that, but you guessed it. You have no idea how happy this makes me to finally know what that song was :: Do you have paypal or anything cause I wanna send you something to show how much I appreciate this. Maybe buy a cd or something I dunno. You wouldn't think a song would cause this much of a fuss, but the times I heard this song was in a special place with a special person that are all but memories now. Seriously itunes codes, paypal to buy a cd, you name it it's yours.
  2. Finally was able to pick it up, and that's not it Thanks for trying though, one of these days I might be able to find it.
  3. Incubus did a cover of this song also I believe. If you heard a more recent sounding version that might be it.
  4. I use either olga or www.allguitartabs.com for mine. Allguitartabs has quite a few songs I wasn't able to find elsewhere.
  5. The lyrics look like it could be the right one, but I don't think they ever played mike and the mechanics on KROQ(not the right genre for the station). Gonna pick it up after I get paid, but if you're right you will have solved the thing that has been bugging me for so long and have a nice surprise coming to ya. You don't know how much it means to me to find out the answer to this. I'll let you know, thanks again for your help ::
  6. It's a male singer, wasn't listed under the singers name though. It was under a band name, you know one of those ones you think to yourself "hmmmm that's easy to remember, no need to write that down". Still kicking myself for that one. Male singer, kind of a slower alternative/rock type song. Thank you both for your help, it is very much appreciated
  7. I had just about given up hope of ever finding the title/artist of this song, until I stumbled upon your forum. After reading some of the posts here I know that if anyone can help me, the people here can The song is from either 1994, 1995 or 1996. I first heard it when I was living in L.A. on KROQ. From what I can remember it's a more mellow song, I think with some parts that have a string orchestra in the background. As far as the lyrics, from what I can remember the chorus goes something along the lines of... I can't find the words to tell you..... something something something I just want to be right by you. Something something something It's a beautiful day (Singer ends on a higher note) The chorus is repeated two or three times in the song and the only lyrics that I am 100% about are the "I just want to be right by you" and "It's a beautiful day". I wish I could provide more details, but that is all I can remember from it I believe the song title went something along the lines of "Song for a rainy day" or "Song for an early morning" or Early Morning Song" or some combination thereof. Please help me to identify this song, it's been driving me nuts for so long and the only time I have heard it after that was in a Starbucks 6 years ago. Unfortunately they had no idea what the name of the song was, and thus began my search. Thank you for your time
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