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  1. Who did the original to Sublime's "Doin Time" (Summertime)? I've heard it was Janis Joplin, but i'm not sure that source is too trustworthy...
  2. Sublime had references to The Ziggens(Greatist Hits), Wide Spread Panic, No Doubt, Bob Marley, and MANY, MANY others...
  3. I am 100% sure your friends are confusing "Don't worry, be happy" with "Three little birds". Don't worry about a ting, cuz every little ting is gonna be alright, rize up this mornin, smile with the rizin sun, three little birds, sit by my doorstep, singin a sweet song, a melodys pure and true, singin "This is my message to you-hoo-hoo !
  4. I know that the song 46&2 (Tool- #5 on AEnima)is about heroin, but what does the actual phrase "46&2, just ahead of me" mean?
  5. I know Manyard is the lead singer of both a perfect circle and tool, but i was wondering WHEN THE HELL IS HE GONNA GET BACK WITH TOOL?!?!?!?!? I hate a perfect circle, but love tool and i'm getting a little bored with their old songs...
  6. I am a HUGE sublime fan, and i was wondering if there was any band that sounds a bit like them. I dont really like slightly soopid or big fish. Please help
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