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  1. I'm sorry, but from a Brit point of view who really gives a f*ck if Ms Spears shows an ungulates's hoof... She is a pretty woman for sure, but worthy of all that 'diversionary' attention? Not in the real world...
  2. With an excess of body hair and a penchant for gargling 'Onward Christian Soldiers' whilst dining on hairy clam...
  3. Nope BF - I'm firmly at the bottom of the league...
  4. That's them... lol I don't want anybody to know I am really a lady lesbian vicar...
  5. I lived in Wakefield until 3 years ago... I keep that as my location as there are a lot of dodgy characters on't net.. I think you know what I am saying!
  6. I enjoyed the whipping... but I guess one can have too much of a bad thing... Tin Soldier Reward Little Sister Groove is in't Heart Back to Life Common People Perfect Day Jealous Again Brick House Our House
  7. Did you know that in Hebden Bridge (the town closest to us) the surgery carries a stock of extra-long speculi. Apparently the local ladies have by way of genetics a particularly deep snatch...
  8. ...and I bet nobody can make out a word he is singing either!
  9. Is it a political thing too? Do the Republicans get mileage out of terror and their 'strong' stance on Islam?
  10. I'd imagine bomb threats to be pretty newsworthy too right now...
  11. Darryl, Monty is some bowler... I just hope he isn't overcome by the pressure and sense of occasion. We'll see!
  12. We had the Angry Brigade bomb the Prison Training College on Aberford Road a few years back... woke me up it did! Not much 'globally' happens in Wakefield though... What about Leeds?
  13. Could the site be run in the US where a higher proportion of incidents are picked up, perchance?
  14. "Reward" - The Teardrop Explodes "Little Sister" - Ry Cooder version
  15. What about 'Safe European Home' by the Clash?
  16. So did I! Born to loose You're gonna kill that girl Yougest was the most loved Something In the still of the night Knock on wood Relax You spin me round (like a record) Careless Whisper Standing on the verge of getting it on Now, whip me again !
  17. The greatest living Englishman - somebody once said but I'll be buggered if I can remember who.... Methinks he needs the money...
  18. I'm stumped for what to say about the Test so may just bail out at this juncture... Geoff Boycott summed it up by saying that they are simply better than us! I guess when you can get your ball to exploit and turn in the cracks you have the advantage. We couldn't find a consistent line and length and this has been our problem so far. Poor balls lead to big scores, and good bowling on an uneven surface leads to poor batting... I see a bit of a fightback happened last night, but this 1st test is lost.
  19. I looked back and saw your photo CC - what can I say without being crude or sexist! Suffice to say you could make a red-blooded male very happy... Darryl, commenting on another man's good looks is fine in my book - where credit's due and all that... as long as you don't make a habit of it... lol
  20. Cool pic Marc.... btw how big is that garage? Does your new one match up? Over here we call that an apartment!
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