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  1. 'Caught by the fuzz' - Supergrass. A song about a youth caught smoking 'Bob', and his interrogation by the police. Good song. Regards
  2. Sounds very dubious to me Mr Soul. In a Spanish public toilet, going in together, standing there admiring his drumstick with your knob out then sitting down gingerly and talking about the experience afterwards - are you sure you weren't overcome by his star status in a George Michael kind of way? There's a new thread - star's genitals I have seen! I once saw Paul Nicholas taking a leak in a theatre toilet. I didn't look at his pecker though. Regards
  3. 'Too much too young' - Specials regards
  4. Halfweights all of them. Wakefield has the mighty Black Lace (legendary synth-pop maestros), and Brotherhood of Man (internationally acclaimed vocal quartet). Regards
  5. Worth the weight? Regards
  6. Or a whole album of 'Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches'. If you are talking drug abuse and music, check out Shaun Ryder and Bez from the Mondays! Regards
  7. Lou Reed - Rock & Roll Animal Ramones - It's Alive! Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo And for XXX & Cosmosis, check out 'No Sheep 'til Buxton' by The Macc Lads - judging by your tastes, it will crack you up! Regards
  8. You have to have 'Ebeneezer Good'. Anyone got any salmon? Regards
  9. I agree with DetectiveMike. The Divine Comedy are vastly underrated, even in the UK. For anybody who hasn't heard them, they are a proper 'song' band in the traditions of 1960s eccentricity, with contemporary bite and a hint of camp. Regards
  10. Surely then a politician 'coming clean' (apologies to supporters of B.Clinton) would be a breath of fresh air. Our 'Teflon Tony' uses this tactic at the first sign of trouble in all matters Governmental, and it seems to work ok for him as the electorate responds well to a bit of humility. His success however depends upon him not tripping up.... Regards
  11. Face it lads, you are never going to find a 'clean' citizen of rational character and life experience, as such a person is not likely to want to run for office in any Government. If one of your politicians were to lay his/her cards on the table early on in the race, admit all dodgy business deals, drugs taken, clothing stained, conflicts dodged, medals not earned, B-movies starred in etc, wouldn't they stand a better chace of being elected? Regards
  12. I'm confused. 'Fisty-cuffs' is a noble art in England, practiced in public, often televised and usually ends up with one or other participant being severely beaten around the ring! Regards
  13. Bayern Munich wasn't it Donny? Regards
  14. Thanks DS, thats cleared up that one then. Regards
  15. There is no such thing as the best in art, as with the best things in life, pleasure is subjective. There can be rubbish though and derivative pap, which whilst digestable on the superficial level, cannot be called 'art' as those senses stimulated by the original have already been touched. Cover versions can only be valid as 'art' if they differ in a stimulating way from the original, IMO. Regards
  16. I like 'Nancy-Boy' and 'Bruise Pristine'. I am sure Placebo are American. Sure, they have had their success in the UK and are in the same vein as Suede (albiet without the wall of sound and the bi-sexuality, and Bernard Butler), little Brian definately speaks with an American accent. I suspect a chap with his 'interests' couldn't make it big in the US anyhow. I think when you mix Rush with Glam, you get The Darkness, or Geddy Lee in a frock. Regards
  17. I thought Placebo were American, XXX. You don't think we would claim little Brian as our own, do you? Regards
  18. 'In the City' by the Jam. Bruce Foxton at his best. Regards
  19. XXX, with the exception of Janice Joplin, once more I am inclined to agree. You could also add: Europe Simply Red Starship Starsailor and loads more. Regards
  20. I'm not saying these people didn't come from humble roots, just that being very rich allows somebody values the rest of us can't afford. Regards
  21. Should the opinions of the rich and egocentric be valid in an election campaign though? IMO the only musician with a political opinion of any relevance or value is Billy Bragg (you Brits will know what I mean). Regards
  22. I'd go for: John Lennon - vocals & guitar Noel Gallagher - vocals & guitar Bruce Foxton - bass Filthy Taylor - drums plus Liam Gallagher as teaboy. Regards
  23. I thought this would be about 'The Fall', one of the most innovative bands of the late 20th century. Not instantly accessible but addictive if you perservere. Regards
  24. I know I have talked about the American film industry before, but the commotion caused by this film illustrates my earlier point perfectly. Irrespective of the Politics, the film (can't call it a documentary as those are supposed to be impartial) is designed to portray somebody's truth and to impose that truth on an audience in part willing to embrace it as fact. Nobody (not even our glorious leaders) will ever know all the facts about 9/11 or the war, as so many 'shadowy' people were involved in the build-up to each. All we can be sure of is that any version of events portrayed will say more about the author and his opponants than what actually happened, and that to accept a version by a Director (again regardless of Politics) would be naive in the extreme. Regards
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