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  1. BF - don't you know your history? He was married to 'camel-face' Gail, until the fateful stabbing... As an aside, I met him once during his flirtation with the West Hollywood lifestyle. Unfortunately for the dear chap, one of my friends had had a couple of Guinesses on the pier at Venice Beach and took great drunken delight in reminding him of his past... He took it in good spirits, nice looking woman with him to and the sun was shining if I recall. Beats Wetherfield...

  2. The whole hooliganism thing used to scare me too. It was the bad old days, and I found myself attached to that crowd as an anxious spectator as opposed to a 'soldier'. At the tender age of 16 it did hold a certain novelty, but I grew up where others didn't... I bumped into the ex-boyfiend a few years ago. Suprise, suprise he did a stretch in Armley pleasure for a couple of years - he now supplies gaming machines to pubs and clubs...

  3. I used to watch the mighty Leeds when I first moved from sleepy Suffolk to the seething metropolis that is West Yorkshire. At the time my eldest sister was going out with a 'service crew' chappie. Oh the laughs we would have as he and his mates would sharpen 50p pieces and fit that extra blade and matchstick in the Stanley knife in the back room of the 'Speak' before a match... needless to say I found the whole performance detracted from the otherwise beautiful game... We never had any of that at Ipswich!

  4. We had an impromtu wedding in a small Northumberland registry office, followed by a dash to the ferryport for a boat to Amsterdam for a two day honeymoon amidst the bicycles, canals and coffee shops... our wedding song therefore was the first played by the boat DJ on the way across - S Club 7 'Don't Stop Moovin'

  5. ...usually followed by "you're goin' home in a f**kin' ambulance..."

    Personally I prefer "Who ate all the pies..." and that most cerebral chant "Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds Lee...." - you get the drift!

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