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  1. What's with the Jeep 'Predator'? On what does it predate? What's wrong with an Allegro, Maxi, Mini or Panda? Regards
  2. I drove a length of the Ventura highway in a Yugo once. If I ever heard the song it would remind me of pinning it in 2nd to keep up with waggons and breathing a heady mix of dust and diesel whilst listening to K.NOB Radio playing wall to wall AOR. Happy days.... Regards
  3. You may not be, but one mention of Christianity here in a less than holy context and 'poof'! Fear not you Americans, we over here don't think you are all religious zealots. Only most of you according to your media and foreign policy..... How about 'national stereotypes' as a nice, smut free subject. No chance for controversy there... Oh BF, if somebody gave you one would it quench your desire to talk about it? Hee hee! Regards
  4. A 'motor ass' with two air-cooled cylinders and a big shaft? Getting into Blind Fitter territory hear, I fear! BTW, what is it with American car names. I walked past a Dodge 'Ram' today and couldn't help laughing!!! Regards
  5. Don't forget 'The Captain' Sensible! I agree, killing oneself isn't the coolest thing a person can do.... Regards
  6. Do you think my family would notice if I vanished for two weeks and came along too? It is deceptively cold here, and the thought of riding with the sun on my back and the breeze billowing my jacket really appeals right now. Just one thing though - could I come on a Guzzi Griso? Regards
  7. Mathew is tucked up in bed right now. He will read this tomorrow and will I am sure get a kick out of all you folks writing to him from all over the world. Thanks people! Regards
  8. Hello my name is Mathew, do you remember me. Is your name Matthew? My name is spelt M,a,t,h,e,w,isent it strange that my name is spelt like that and your name is spelt M,a,t,t,h,e,w. (My favoriot food is a meet feast,) what is your most favoriot food?
  9. I agree with the Stone Roses, but feel Urban Hymns should be in there too, above the Libertines for sure. One has to remember that the NME is (was) the newspaper for trendy pop-pickers, and not necessarily representative..... Regards
  10. No, an internet-savvy friend downloaded it for me. Regards
  11. Good album too, if one sees past the hype. Well worth a listen IMO. Regards
  12. I like a bit of Placebo, but I can't imagine little Brian being attractive to women.. Of course I speak as a man, so I am only 3/4 qualified.... Regards
  13. What can one see through a parrot? Regards
  14. One cannot forget the impact of Ken Dodd on the world. Without his genius nobody would have heard of Knotty Ash, Diddy Men and "tittyfilarious". Also credited for the resurgence the feather duster, buck-teeth and creative accountancy. Bob Dylan - pah! Regards
  15. 'Numb-nuts' and 'head-the-ball' are favorites of mine. Regards
  16. I've tried the 9v battery test in my youth, and all I got was a mild tingling sensation. In fact, I used to enjoy it and whenever I got one I couldn't resist. How do people die of this? The skull injury whilst woofing I have witnessed. It didn't result in hospitalisation, just the unfortunate honker passing out... Only in Britain do we have Chicken Tikka Masala as the national favorite dish, according to a recent poll! Regards
  17. DiggsUK

    Six Degrees

    Ok, I'll give it a go.... Rolf Harris - Wobbleboard - Blackboard - School's out - Strange man in makeup - Slipknot! How about: Phil Lynott to Miss Piggy ? Regards
  18. Here I am when I am needed (apparently), but who needs me and why? Regards
  19. DiggsUK

    Six Degrees

    Michael Caine - Marty Caine - ginger bush - Bushmills - Jim Beam - Jim Carey - Mariah Carey... Noggin the Nog - J. Cousteau Regards
  20. I saw them at an open-air 'beautiful-people' fest near L.A. many years ago. To be honest I don't remember much about the music except that I was suprised at the number of songs I knew. What I do remember though was the crowd. Not an ugly person amongst them, except for a small group of tiddly Brits who had snuck in for free expecting to see Metallica.... Regards
  21. Do I detect a hint of J.Cooper-Clarke here? Regards
  22. A masterpiece BF. Do you write for a living? Regards
  23. Right where, BF? Best regards of the day.....
  24. I'll agree with 'Its Alive'. Regards
  25. Kiss my grits? Is that an insult or a dare? Regards
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