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  1. Down to 90 something today, but humid. I am more interested in this now: http://www.quakeprediction.com/ Might make the weather secondary!
  2. SORRY TO SEE THIS GUY IS GONE http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/09/30/greg-giraldo-death/
  3. I feel like I just opened a letter to Laurie....sorry if I was not supposed to read this!
  4. It is supposed to be down to the low 100's today....
  5. This freaks me out, but I cant stop watching..... And Huell Howser trippin balls.
  6. Not sure if it has been posted before or not, but it is worth posting again..... http://www.my-3-sons.com/javascript-flv/flv-videos1.htm
  7. Reminds me of the shirts you could get at "Cappy's Liquor" in my hometown, where a card game could break out at anytime: "Cappy's Liquor; Liquor in front, poker in the rear." They also had an impressive collection of Elvis decanters.
  8. Be safe, Marine! Hope your deployment goes smoothly (as smoothly as a military operation can go, that is!) Look forward to your return. Marc Chutz, congrats!
  9. I will not stand by and listen to you all slander the Testes. They are a very nice couple and are great fun to hang out with. In fact, Harry Testes is a real nut. The family is originally from Greece. They "Americanized" their name to Testes. The real family name is Paratestes.
  10. I dont know whether it is funny or pathetic, but this is my office until around December. The station is being remodeled, so my sergeant and I got put into this single wide in the parking lot. We even have two ficus trees and a pink flamingo...
  11. I feel the same way. I went to my 10th, but have missed all the others, up to my 25th, which was this month. FB is good enough.... Kenne, I hope your dad is feeling better soon.
  12. You are welcome, Edna
  13. Is it pirated?! Avast ye scurvy dog virus!
  14. So...whats a good free antivirus program for windows XP?
  15. It was the same one. Use it in good health!
  16. S/S is waiting for the other boot to drop.
  17. Not really a gear grinder, but whenever I see the Dr Strangelove avatar Farin is using, I think it is my post.
  18. Whoever has the most basic, easy to read add and is in my town.
  19. Feel better soon, Laurie! I still remember going to an Eric Clapton concert with the stomach flu. I should have stayed home!
  20. Kari, I just visualized that whole scene. You were wearing a mu-mu and were a little sweaty..... Very creepy!
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