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  1. He vows to rebuild the LicVolt car that he was working on (a 59 Lincoln body w/electronic running gear.) The car's plug in charging system is to blame for the blaze. http://www.nme.com/news/neil-young/53873
  2. My supervisors noticing my work and actually complimenting me on it.
  3. turkey sammich, carrot sticks, coke and key lime yoplait.
  4. Welcome to the world, Nate!
  5. I thought he was wearing a "Pink" costume.
  6. Exciting news for you! I am sure it will all go well and your life will be changed forever! You are going to dig being a dad!
  7. s/s is wondering what the blues with bagpipes sounds like....
  8. someone somewhere is choosing their battles.
  9. Hello, Gis! Nice to see you here! I voted last week. I would like to also announce the passing of a man I met just two weeks ago. He was a gentleman, and part of history. RIP Mr. Goodall. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Goodall
  10. Yep, La Nina. It has been cooler here than normal by about 10 degrees, so we have had highs in the low 70's. I like it.
  11. Whatever you do, dont tell your gf she is getting big. She may be OK with hearing it 4 times, but on the 5th time, she will get pissed, or cry, or try to take your head off. Never forget you are with a person who is under the influence of ever changing hormone levels! Good luck and congratulations!
  12. ss is vowing that the things they used to do, lord, they wont do no mo!
  13. Those were funny, Marcus! I have always liked MM...
  14. This does. Every time, without fail.
  15. Thanks, Kari! I dont mind getting more cake!
  16. Baby Monkey on a Pig Going Backwards
  17. Canned veggetables, frozen dinner, and a box of wine.
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