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  1. The news is now saying that he had targeted Giffords because she "dissed him" at a prior public appearance. He asked a question that was out of left field and she answered it the best she could. He, evidently, was not satisfied with the answer and thought he was slighted in some way. I have been hearing other peoples accounts of contacts with the suspect in the past and he sounds like he is bat ******* crazy. It is a shame that his parents did not recognize that he was in need of psychiatric care, but they may not be that stable themselves.

  2. 1. Your favourite colour ~ blue

    2. Your favourite food ~ A good steak

    3. Your favourite car ~ is a 1946 Jeep CJ2A

    4. Your favourite movie ~ Harold and Maude

    5. Your favourite musical genre ~ 70s classic rock-n-roll

    6. Your favourite hobby ~ off road exploration

    7. Your favourite opposite sex celebrity ~ Norah Jones/Scarlett Johansson/Laura Prepon

    8. Your favourite dessert ~ hot fudge sundae

    9. Your favourite dream ~ visits from parents

    10. Your favourite person that you'd like at your deathbed ~ wife and/or daughter

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