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  1. Yes, it is old. Cant an old guy reminisce?!
  2. Thats who I have heard it attributed to.
  3. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DevGUCVlN6k It makes your car go woo wooooo!
  4. The Angels are still doing well! Yea Angels!
  5. I like it! Looking forward to seeing the video and hearing more.
  6. 72 right now...on the way to 84.
  7. In addition to whatever punishment these punks get (which will probably not be much) the parents should be forced to drive their little darlings to school for at least a year.
  8. 1)Dont throw away the books. You may need to burn them for warmth. 2)Keep the cigs. You may need them for trading, besides, nobody likes a quitter. 3)I am sure your wife looks lovely whenever you go out. Saying anything other than that will most likely lead to your not seeing 12/21/12.
  9. 63 right now. It is supposed to be up to 81.
  10. Thanks for the support! Mya and have big smiles on our faces!
  11. Ouch! Hope your finger is back to normal soon, Laurie.
  12. Or animated Paul McCartney from Yellow Submarine...
  13. Gonna brag about my girl a little.....Mya started her third season in her local swim team, and the first swim meet was today. She got her first 1st place today in the freestyle relay, 2nd place in the backstroke, and 1st place in the breaststroke! Woo who!
  14. Are you sure?! Congratulations to the both of you!
  15. I saw her announcement, Laurie. You must be very proud! Congrats RNC!
  16. The Kings won. The Angels won, too! Ray, I can understand why you would fall asleep watching baseball. It is a bit slower than hockey!
  17. Mother's little helper back in the days before quaaludes!
  18. Hello! Please, dive right in!
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