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  1. You might like "Be-Bop" and "Hard Bop" style jazz. Get a best of Charlie Parker CD or Dizzie Gillespie to start with. Also check out Horace Silver, "Cannonball" Adderly, John Coletrane, Sonny Rollins, or for something very unique, check out Thelonious Monk.

    If you want to hear a great jazz singer, get one of the "Best Of" cd's of Bill Henderson. He has an individual style of phrasing his vocals in standard songs that is very cool and makes them his own. On a side note, he is also a character actor that has been in many movies and TV shows since the 70's. He still is singing (and acting) in the LA area and in other large cities that have a big jazz crowd.

  2. I like the lobster gear!

    We don't do Halloween here in the same manner as yourselves. What we get is groups of youths with plastic masks threatening little old ladies with 'trick or treat' japes, for hard cash. Unfortunately smaller kids cannot enjoy this annual event anymore, as the teenage muggers get around first. On Halloween night, beware the spurned teenager and the smouldering roll of newspaper through the letterbox, as it traditionally contains a 'Richard' to be stamped on and spread onto the carpet.

    Not like when I was a kid....


    I am guessing the most popular costume is to dress as one of Alex's Droogies from A Clockwork Orange so they will look real horrorshow while committing their ultra violence.

  3. In junior high, my friend and I used to set up our annual "Haunted Porch" at his house. It was great fun scaring the little kids. I was very lucky to grow up in a small town in which almost all the homes had kids. Everyone got really into Halloween. I hope it will be like that for my daughter when she is old enough to trick or treat. This is he first Halloween. She will be a lobster.


  4. I just heard a news blurb about Rick James's autopsy results. Death was caused by a "Accidental Heart Attack." Toxicoligy revealed the presence of cocaine, methamphetamine, Vicodin and "other drugs." As Rick once said, "Cocaine is one hell of a drug."

  5. baba o riley doesnt have a harmonica, its called a synthesiser....but "not fade away" by the stones does

    The live version of Baba O'Riley does indeed have Roger Daltry playing the violin part on harmonica at the end of the song. You can find it on "The Kids Are Alright."

    Heres a fro for Sammy! :afro:

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