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  1. That would f*ck up my whole day. I dont like messing with my eyes.
  2. How come Harry Wayne Casey is not on the Boogie Man list?!
  3. I was expecting a screaming witch or something......
  4. He looks like a Smurf! I miss that sow.
  5. I just came back from a eirement celebration. Im not drunk.
  6. No, it was the first. There were no blues men involved. Sadly, no Blue Man Group, either.
  7. I dont remember. It was June 1, 2004, but thats all I know....
  8. Something about Tom Waits and how "Little Trip To Heaven" was the perfect first dance for my wedding.
  9. I am trying to figure out how I got a perfectly round chocolate smudge on my leg. I have not had chocolate all day.....
  10. Thanks Tim....love that card!
  11. So, is 15 the legal drinking age in Oz?!
  12. No, I think they are asbestos flavored. This station is 83 years old.
  13. I like it when it is wrapped in bacon.
  14. Sammy, did you hijack a meat truck? Never mind, I dont want to know......BTW, thanks for the steaks!
  15. Does not matter....the Dodgers will find a way to lose. Mid 80's here today.
  16. Thanks, Sammy! You know what I like!! Laurie, keep quiet.....dont be bringin no baby momma drama over to my place when I am q'in'!!
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