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  1. Kind of how they say "The living will envy the dead" after a nuke. I am sure you will land on your feet and get an even better job because you will have a nice tan and be well rested!
  2. White supremacists freaking out about their guns being taken away when they were put on a 72 hour mental observation is causing me concern.
  3. He added that "Their relationship had run out of steam" and that he "Never should have answered his wifes inquiry as to the appearance of her backside truthfully."
  4. Lesson learned: Dont talk smack about your boss...especially in a national magazine.
  5. I have met quite a few celebrities, living and working where there is always filming going on, but I rarely have a camera with me. On fathers day, 2006, I was ready, though. I knew I would be at The Playboy Jazz Festival (backstage!) and I knew who was one of the big names performing, so I made sure I was ready...... EC Allan Toussaint Steve Nieve
  6. Hope you are back to your OLD self soon, Joe!
  7. We are trained that as soon as someone physically assaults you, you may use the appropriate force to arrest that person. He was dealing with two people who were being assaultive toward him, not to mention the unfriendly crowd there. Myself, I would have pepper sprayed them both, but that is only because I am older and wiser. I know that punching someone in the head often results in a broken hand. I do not know much about what led up to the force, but of what I have seen, it looks like the force used was not excessive.
  8. He was a great jazz bassist.
  9. Someone somewhere is begining to see the light.
  10. Low 90's. Just my luck to have a range day tomorrow.
  11. My band director was less than enthusiastic about sharing his name with a nut ball.
  12. Thanks all! I also just realized that between my wife's birthday (5/31) and our anniversary (6/2) is my Songfacts anniversary! It has now been 6 years since I joined.........
  13. My band director in school was Jim Jones.
  14. You cant save everyone, Shawna.....
  15. Today is my wife and my 9 year wedding anniversary. I still like her.
  16. Well, thats makes 2..... RIP Mr Hopper. I always liked your chopper best.
  17. Blues, I can only imagine the horrors you father had to live through. He must have been a very strong man. God bless those who gave their lives in the service of our country. To be honest, they are always not far from my thoughts. I work with a lot of veterans who have recently been in combat and have lost friends, not to mention the 4 people I have personally known that have been killed at work over the past 9 years. They are never far away.
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