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  1. what a cute dog, what breed is she exactly?

    Jello is a pure bred American Pitbull Terrier. We adopted her a year ago from Angel City Pitbull Rescue in LA. She was a stray in So Los Angeles that was picked up by animal control. She had a pretty bad respirtory infection, so the shelter was going to put her down. ACPBR was there to get another dog, but whe they saw how sweet she was, they took her too. She was nursed back to health and then put up for adoption. We have have worked with her to get her over some of her shyness, and she is now a very outgoing and friendly dog. She has several dog friends that she likes to run with in our yards. She is also very popular with the kids at Mya's school, who all know her and pet her when they pass by her.

    I have always liked pitbulls, and have only had problems with pitbulls that have had idiots for owners. They are very driven to please their owners and need to be socialized and trained, just like any dog. We are seriously thinking about possibly adopting another pitty when the time is right. She loves our cat, too. Cant say Minnie is totally thrilled with her, but she is warming up to her. She is not scared of Jello at all.

  2. Hello, everyone! Thank you for the fond birthday wishes! I hope everyone is doing well. I have been very busy, between coaching Mya's softball team, helping her with school work, and Tae Quan Do 5 nights a week witht he wife, I am a very busy boy! I will try to show up a little more frequently then quarterly!

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