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    To: BeatLeant Awwwwwww....... im sry lol to bad she left u be4 yall met and if yall did go out and you were lookin at another gurl then that would be reallly bad!!! lol Muahz ::
  2. LeLi


    :bow:I go with GunsN'Zeplen! lol :: and i like mostly all of them but every1 has their own oppinion so well yea!!! Muahz!! :guitar: :guitar:
  3. LeLi

    Isaac Figg

    hey its ok that stuff is long and yea his cd is kool i listened to it.... and some pple juss say or talk alot ! lol well newayuz luv yas much! Muahz!!
  4. hey ok i like usher and all and juss wonderin if yall like his song Yeah cuz i luv it! WAT WAT! haha~ MuAhZ
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