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  1. Thanks a lot...I've gotten some great ideas. Unfortunately, I can't use the ones that mention everyone in the class...I'm in a class of over 700! Right now I'm torn between "Stand By Me" (the soul version, though, not John Lennon...Ben E. King's is better known), Green Day's "Time of Your Life" (a classic for those of us growing up in the late '90s), and Coldplay's "Fix You" from their new album X&Y. Let me know what you think of those choices. Thanks again!
  2. I'm a rising senior in high school, and as a singer, I want to get an early start on finding a good song to try out with for graduation (not sure if it's the same at all schools, but at ours, students audition to perform a song at graduation). Does anyone know of a good song dealing with graduation, memories, "the good times", etc.? The only song I've thought of off the top of my head is "Time of your Life" by Green Day (I'm a guy). Oh, and PLEASE don't say "Graduation" by Vitamin C. Terrible song, and way overdone. Sorry if anyone likes it. Thanks!!
  3. Gotta be Ringo. I mean come on...the guy was on Thomas the Tank Engine. Can the other three say they were on Thomas the Tank Engine? Pfff...
  4. I can't stand the pseudo-intellectual drivel that is emo music. I think the bands seriously just get together, try to think up as many contrived, "deep"-sounding words as possible, and then do their best to string them together into coherent sentences. All my girl friends seem to dig on these emo bands, and praise their lyrics and how deep they are, and how they really hit home...but that's because they're all about the same topics: getting dumped and being lonely. I think some emo bands have a lot of potential, which is why I wish their material were more original. In summary, emo music as a whole is grossly overrated, just like Ricky Williams. Yeah, that's right...I went there.
  5. I'm pretty sure ANYTHING by Weird Al Yankovic would be an instant date-killer. Also the entire repertoire of Aha, as nobody could EVER concentrate on their partner with Aha's crotch-clamping induced falsetto blaring in the background.
  6. This might sound a little weird coming from a teenager...but totally check out Seal's "IV". This is a great album. Lots of variety, and he's got a great voice - very mellow. And if you want lots of Beatles, you might as well just download "1". 27 of their best songs...you can't go wrong.
  7. Thanks a lot everybody, all of these sound like legitimate reasons. I guess we should be glad he did get fired...else we never would've discovered the future Conductor on "Shining Time Station" with Thomas the Tank Engine. ...No one else remembers that?
  8. I've heard in a lot of places of a guy named Pete Best who was the original drummer for the Beatles but was soon fired and replaced with Ringo. Does anyone know what caused this split? Thanks!
  9. The guy from Dashboard Confessional is singlehandedly responsible for me hating all of their songs, despite the songs themselves being really good. It makes me wish someone would cover "Screaming Infidelities"...
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