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  1. WARNING: This is kind of long, but at least skim through it, and go to www.Isaacfiggs.com. :guitar: This is a very good friend of mine, who is an awesome guitar player, it's unbelieveable! You really should give this CD a chance, I can guarantee you won't regret it. This CD is all him! He plays every instrument you here and all the singing. He's very talanted. I am posting something I got from CDBaby.Com. You can go there and there are a few other places to download his music and see if you like it. Give it a chance, you'll enjoy it! Isaac Figgs has been playing guitar since age 9, now, 10 years later he has released his debut album "...till the sun comes up" which has been described as "A fresh blend of punk, raggae, hip hop, and shred guitar combined into an array of highschool/college party stories, heartfelt melodies, drunken escapades, screaming guitar solo's, and the occasional humorous sasquatch attack..." Isaac creates all kinds of music ranging from 80's shred guitar, hip hop, metal hop, raggae, ska, techno, metal, to straight rock... His debut album "...till the sun comes up" is a MUST for anyone who likes to party and loves to get the party started!! Be sure to check out www.isaacfiggs.com for more song downloads, news, new album releases, and MUSIC VIDEOS!!! Isaac Figgs is a classicaly trained guitarist and dedicated musician...at the age of 16 he was one of four national finalist in the 1999 Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition in Hollywood California where he won himself a nice fender strat...since then he has been working in studios recording and producing new music and constantly creating and making "anything new sounding" He is currently involved in a number of projects for future album releases. With songs ranging from "The sasquatch incident", a hilarious comical journey of a teenagers late night drunken escapade of beerbongs, running from the police, smoking blunts, and a close encounter with a drunken sasquatch... "The Drunk Song", a tight [bleep] party story about parents leaving on vacation and the police coming and busting the house, running to Mexico, and getting it on...very funny, catchy, and a classic song to get the party started that leaves your singing "AOK!!" "...till the sun comes up", the album titled single with a groundbreaking new style mix of reggae and punk rock that keeps the party rocking...gauranteed to get the crowd "drinking bacardi O WAY O!!!" "The Graduation Song", a home hitting acoustic song about growing up, spring break, graduation, and remembering all the good times with your best friends that is sure to send a chill down your spine... "Only 16", a melow, rocking, heartfelt, melodic masterpiece with a very catchy hook about young love, young life, the ups, the downs, and teenage relationships in general... "Blazed", the future of rap/rock, a groundbreaking combination of hot beats, tight raps, crazy shred guitar, a great party vibe, and a heavy hitting chorus that's all you need to "throw your mutherfucking hands in the air..." "I'm that guy" a very tight rhythmic punk comical song about being "that guy", buying beer for kids, puking in bathrooms, running naked through parties, kegstands, beerbong, and even peach cobler fights... "Rainy Day", it's just another rainy day, a hauntingly melodic and catchy "punkish" song with a crazy insane guitar solo with wammy bar harmonic dives, sweep arpeggios, and eight finger tapping, about not being able to wait for friday night...halftime drums, a Green Day mixed with Buckethead feel...Check out the video @www.isaacfiggs.com and see for yourself... You can also purchase or listen to this full album on: www.iTunes.com www.Napster.com www.DiscLogic.com www.NetMusic.com www.MusicMatch.com www.listen.com www.MusicNet.com www.audiolunchbox.com www.lindows.com www.isaacfiggs.com And many many more! Be sure to check out www.isaacfiggs.com for new albums, video's and tour dates!! oh yeah...if you like the music, you should buy the CD so isaac doesn't have to sleep in his car tonight!!! :-) :guitar:
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