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  1. Rockabilly music and the cool cats & chicks who dished it out seem underappreciated and almost forgotten nowadays. Janis Martin The Collins Kids Sonny Burgess Wanda Jackson Do you have favorite rockabilly artists or songs? old or new(??) One real classic is Be Bop A Lula by Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps. I like the Perkins Wiggle (with the Dixie Bop) by Carl Perkins (who else?) [Added by Sara] Please read the new image rules.
  2. Last night I rented a DVD of the movie "Radio" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris. The soundtrack refreshed my memories of some great 70s R & B. Wake Up Everbody and If you Don't Know Me By Now by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes I'll Be Around and Rubber Band Man by The Spinners Going In Circles by Friends of Distinction Songs by Al Green, The Isley Bros. plus Stevie Wonder's cover of the Beatles' We Can Work It Out.
  3. This is really a stretch, but your question did deja vu on me. I remember half-watching (possibly channel surfing and dozing) a not-so-old movie on TV late one night and music at the opening credits was just what you describe. I did watch the closing credits to see if there was a soundtrack available or a title for the piece, but I must have struck out. The music was great but I remember almost zilch about the movie. I think it might have been set in the US rural South. I vaguely remember a pick-up truck on a dusty road. I may be completely out of sync with you and probably not much help
  4. To return the favor, the faces of the Beatles are hidden in the 3D picture on the Rolling Stones' Their Satanic Majesties Request album (original vinyl). To locate your favorite Beatle, click > Hidden Faces
  5. I forgot about the 'WELCOME'. Pinkfloyd1973 has got it right.
  6. I believe that 'guy' is a Shirley Temple doll and the shirt says 'THE ROLLING STONES' .
  7. There is a rockin' cover version of Swinging On A Star by Big Dee Irwin (with Little Eva) from 1963. It was Big Dee's one hit, but I remember Little Eva goofin' around with the lyrics (".. One Moonbeam, Two Moonbeams.."). I guess the song is about learning good values and behaviors to achieve success (" and be better off than you are")
  8. LOVE IS ALIVE In December 2001 Arthur Lee was released from prison after serving six years of a twelve year sentence (see Summer Of Love and All You Need Is Love). By June 2002 he was playing to a sell-out crowd in London, and was lionized by members of Parliament (see 60s Star Meets MPs). A new version of Love with Arthur Lee is currently on tour (see the Official Tour Site).
  9. The Rolling Stones specialize in cool song intros, like Monkey Man or Time Is On My Side.
  10. Imaginary Lover - Atlanta Rhythm Section Rock the Boat - The Hues Corporation Ride Like The Wind - Christopher Cross Ride the Wind; Beautiful - The Youngbloods (1969) Sweet Baby James; Country Road - James Taylor Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest Summer Breeze - Seals & Croft Wild World - Cat Stevens Love is Alive - Gary Wright Suavecito - Malo Boogie Down - Eddie Kendricks Drift Away - Dobie Gray Take A Giant Step ; Bacon Fat - Taj Mahal Give A Little Bit - Supertramp (70s?) Just the Two of Us - Grover Washington Jr. & Bill With
  11. More R & B favorites: Wang Dang Doodle - Koko Taylor. Written by Willie Dixon, and also performed by Howlin' Wolf. Later covered by the Pointer Sisters. Koko Taylor is called "Queen of the Blues". I Thank You and Wrap It Up - Sam and Dave. Thank you was written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter. It was covered by ZZ Top. Wrap It Up was covered by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. I'm Blue - The Ikettes. The Ikettes were Ike & Tina Turner's back-up singers. This song is also known as the "gong-gong song". It was used in the excellent John Waters movie "Hairspray".
  12. I think what you consider to be "R & B" is a factor how old you are. Elwood Blues (Dan Akroyd) called the Blues Brothers show a "Rhythm and Blues Review". Most folks well over 30, like me, would agree that the best of what the Blues Brothers do is honest-to-goodness R & B. Today, what's named "R & B" seems to be Hip-Hop and some soulful romantic ballads. correction: It was Jerry Wexler (< click) great innovative producer of "immaculate funk" who coined the term "rhythm and blues" (in 1947 by one account, 1949 by another)
  13. Even today "R & B" seems to be a catch-all record chart codeword for music by Black artists, from Luther Vandross to Ludacris. (The term "Urban" is a more recent alternative.) But I think of R & B (rhythm and blues) as that part of traditionally Black music that was mixed and melted in to early rock 'n' roll. "I got the rockin' pneumonia I need a shot of rhythm and blues... Well early in the mornin' I'm givin' you my warnin' Don't you step on my blue suede shoes ... Roll over Beethoven, dig these rhythm and blues" - from Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Be
  14. "... The term "Rhythm and Blues" was coined in 1947 by Jerry as a replacement for the terms "race music" "sepia music" and "Harlem Hits Parade" during a reorganization of the Billboard charts ... Race records were born when recording companies realized there was money to be made marketing music by black artists to black consumers. ..." See these pages about R & B and race records.
  15. (If I Had) Saxophones by Jimmy Buffet. Some lyrics as best I remember them "...was raised on Gumbo Rock ... and Doctor John. Sweet Irma Thomas and Frogman Henry used to boogie woogie all night long..."
  16. pbar and MelP, See the sidebar "You Ain't Going Nowhere" (a short ways down the left side) on this Byrd Watcher page about Dylan and McGuinn's lyrics "feud?". Also, I didn't know that Byrds Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman were part of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
  17. Drug Store Truck Drivin Man from the " Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde" album is really about Nashville radio personality Ralph Emery, and McGuinn & Parsons's reaction to the way he treated their music. A Byrd Watcher review helps explain the whole Byrds/Baez/Reagan chain. This nickname is one thing that did stick with the later "Teflon President" for quite a while.
  18. Yeah MelP. I used the quotation marks because I wasn't sure if "cover" applied in this case. Although it was common knowledge that You Ain't Going Nowhere was a Dylan song when The Byrds released it (1968), there was no commercial recording by Dylan around at that time. The Basement Tapes version might have been recorded before The Byrds, but not available until years later. I guess it is not implausible that pbar has heard some real "cover" version by neither The Byrds nor Dylan.
  19. This is actually a Bob Dylan song. Dylan recorded a least a couple of versions himself (available on Greatest Hits Vol. 2 and Basement Tapes) and performed the song live often. The song is best-known and made famous by the aforementioned "cover" done by The Byrds. There are dozens more cover versions, most notably by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Joan Baez.
  20. I just had an epiphany about the possible meaning for the title of this song. Besides Fourteen, Seven and Seven is Seagram's 7 with 7-Up (If someone orders "Seven and Seven", that's what the bartender is going to mix). I don't know what new insight this might give us regarding the inscrutable lyrics, though.
  21. The absolute obvious choice is New Beginning by Tracy Chapman (It is Tracy Chapman so maybe not quite "upbeat", but positive anyway).
  22. Born With A Broken Heart by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers Anywhere Like Heaven by James Taylor Blues With A Feeling by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band The Thrill Is Gone by B.B. King Where Do You Think You're Going by Dire Straits Wicked Game (and other songs) by Chris Isaak Out On The Weekend, Helpless (and many others) by Neil Young. He can somehow make depressing songs sound real good.
  23. Be advised if you're going to search the web for "Love" lyrics or "Love" albums you ought to include Arthur Lee (the leader's name) to focus to the desired result. I remembered My Little Red Book being a much bigger hit than Seven And Seven Is, but I found out that although .. Little Red Book was huge on the West Coast (my stomping grounds), it peaked at #52 nationwide. I'd never thought much about the lyrics to Seven And Seven ...; I guessed they were just drug-addled random rhymes. I'm interested in what others might think. It has always been the best Love song. I did
  24. There is that part in the middle of Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf when they break out of the trippy but hard-driving music and do that strange decompression & calliope-sounding thing before the vocal comes up again. I think it is deserving of a "coolness" citation. The Stones were listed for intros on Gimme Shelter (#14) and Sympathy for the Devil (#7), but, of course, then the Rolling Stones have many songs with excellent introductions that grab your interest from the get-go: Time is On My Side, Get Off My Cloud, Monkey Man, Bitch, and Stray Cat Blues to name just a few.
  25. Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic - kazoo Bob Dylan - Highway 61 - siren whistle and Are those bagpipes on AC/DC's best version of It's A Long Way To The Top (if You Wanna Rock n Roll) or some kind of totally wigged-out guitar playing or what?
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