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  1. Limbo (1999) written and directed by John Sayles.
  2. Where's Primal Fear (1996) with Richard Gere and Edward Norton?
  3. Something very different is the disturbing drama River's Edge (1987) with Crispin Glover, Keanu Reeves, Ione Skye & Dennis Hopper, based on a real incident involving California high-schoolers. One the other hand, there is the classic comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) directed by John Hughes, and starring Matthew Broderick and Mia Sara.
  4. The Fugitive - David Janssen was born to play Dr. Richard Kimble. The Untouchables - Ness, Nitti and unrestrained gunplay. A DesiLu Production The Invaders - Architect David Vincent knows. Now he must convince a disbelieving world. Thriller - as sure as my name is Boris Karloff. honorable mention: The Prisoner - Another beautiful day in the Village. Who is Number One? Branded - former Rifleman Chuck Connors as the "coward of Bitter Creek". Sea Hunt, Perry Mason, Route 66, Secret Agent, F Troop.
  5. I'm adapting to this extreme makeover. You know I'm an spasmodic poster, only a "flounder". I'll risk adding my two cents when I have jewels to spare.
  6. Here's a (>) recent AP article about the enduring influence of the 1980 Blues Brothers movie, and a plug for the new director's cut DVD.(<)
  7. (>) creequealley.com is an entire website devoted to study, analysis and discussion of the song, and Mamas and Papas fandom. Wow! What a lot of changes since my last visit to Songfacts.
  8. Batman is not a dork at all.
  9. I'm like the Eddie Van Halen of data accumulation.
  10. Oh, I've been gathering more information about all of the green words with double underlines . :happybanana:
  11. Just wanted to applaud the genius who devised the brilliant ^ Dork identification concept.
  12. From just past the 70s. Jack Mack & the Heart Attack's Cardiac Party is arguably the best original Soul music ever created by white folks. This album from 1982 is on CD, but hard to find -- it's not currently available from Amazon but read the rave reviews.
  13. Frank Zappa was involved in celebrated encounters with Tipper Gore and the P.M.R.C. a few months before they testified in separate appearances before a Senate panel about government regulation of objectionable music lyrics in 1985. Here's Playboy's 1993 interview with Zappa And a updated censorship news source.
  14. Frank Sinatra starred in the movie Suddenly (1954 - Directed by Lewis Allen) a tense thriller about psychotic professional assassin John Baron (Sinatra) and his henchmen who take a local family hostage as they prepare to ambush the President of the United States at a whistle-stop visit to a rural town on a railroad line in central California. In the notorious colorized version of this black-and-white film, Frank Sinatra is given brown eyes.
  15. They're OK, but some of us think Cream is even better.
  16. sheesh, I've been aiming for "three score and ten" at least.
  17. In related news: The Telegraph's music critics select the 50 best cover versions ever recorded (<)
  18. Head directly to the web version of Fuzz Acid & Flowers (<) the 'comprehensive guide to Psychedelic and garage, hippie-rock and flower-pop bands of the sixties and early seventies, including detailed discographies'.
  19. The director John Carpenter (<) composed the Halloween score and much of the music for his own films.
  20. I found out who Nanker Phelge is. (In the "Singles Collection: The London Years" CD booklet.)
  21. While looking for information about the late great Freddie (Freddy) King, I encountered this The Essential Blues Album List. It was compiled "in response to requests from listeners to ... Blues from the Red Rooster Lounge radio show". According to the Rooster: "Narrowing this list down to a workable number was quite a task, and we've decided (for now, at least) to pass over such first-rate modern blues revivalists as Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Johnny Winter, Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, Roy Buchanan, etc., in favor of the musicians who influenced them". Incidentally, Freddy King made the list of 'A Dozen Essential Guitarists'.
  22. Tybalt

    B Movies

    Several more to look for: Robot Jox (1990). Rock-em, sock-em action on a giant scale. The heroic score composed by Frederic Talgorn is performed by the Paris Philharmonic Orchestra. Puppetmaster (1989). Creepy killer dolls. There are by several sequels/prequels involving ancient Egyptian magic and the Gestapo. The Philadephia Experiment (1984) Secret tests end up with sailors from 1943 getting time-warped into '84. Fast paced. Time Rider (1983) More time travel action. a motocross racer winds up in the 1870s. -------------------------------- Vanishing Point (1971). A Radio DJ (Cleavon Little) makes a hero out of speed-crazed Kowalski (Barry Newman) out-smarting and out-stunting the cops, trying to get a Dodge Challenger from Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours. Hot Rods to Hell (1967) and The Frozen Dead (1966). Dana Andrews (President of the screen Actors Guild from 1963-1965) stars in both these B-movie favorites. In Hot Rods..., he's a family man harassed by old-looking teen-aged badboys. In Frozen Dead, he's a mad scientist planning to thaw out the WWII Nazi leadership. ------------------------- High School Confidential (1958). Russ Tamblyn as an undercover narc. Co-stars John Drew Barrymore (Drew's Dad) and Mamie Van Doren. Jerry Lee Lewis performs the theme song. Kiss Me Deadly (1955) Ralph Meeker is a mean Mike Hammer, and he's not keeping out of Cold War-era trouble. With Jack Elam and a young Cloris Leachman.
  23. X-Ray is the "unauthorized autobiograhy" of Ray Davies of the Kinks. It's written in an unusual way. Ray relates true stories and some fabrications to a fictional interviewer. Davies is a fantastic storyteller.
  24. (>) Criterion Collection Complete Monterey Pop Festival DVDs
  25. IMO, not really. There is such lack of civility in society today. Would this woman's feelings be more valid if she was better looking? We can find plenty of unquestionably laughable stuff. If you have to ask, then maybe you should let it slide.
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